John Stamo’s Preganant Wife Caitlin McHugh Was Star Wars Disneybounding

It won't be long before John Stamos will have a fuller house of his own to contend with, the baby bump on his 31-year-old wife Caitlin McHugh provides plenty of evidence about the impending arrival.

Her contours were in full glory on an Instagram video she posted Monday, while sharing some space with adorable android R2D2 while she was taking in the sights at Disneyland. The exchange was brief, with McHugh wearing a dress printed with the likeness of the Star Wars mechanized character while cradling her life-giving abdomen.

That's when she ran into R2D2, or more appropriately, vice-versa.

"Oh, hey, R2!" she said, before the 'droid emitted a series of beeps and boops.

“No, I did not swallow BB-8!” she responded before exiting the frame with R2 following her, emitting a loud whistle in the process.

The videos was only a few seconds long, but has generated more than 130,000 views, roughly 13,000 likes, as well as nearly 300 comments in three days. Most of the respondents were agog in how well McHugh looked and chimed in with anticipation over the forthcoming newborn.


McHugh made the pregnancy public in December before marrying Stamos two months later. Disneyland is big on the brain of her and 54-year-old Stamos, who spent their honeymoon at the theme park, the same place where they were engaged back in October. That may have something to do with Mickey Mouse signing his checks when Stamos starred in the original Full House, which ran for eight seasons on the Disney-owned ABC network. Netflix is currently running the sequel, Fuller House, which is now in its second season.

The baby will be their first and will be a welcome addition now that they're legal. Just before they got married, McHugh, who's a model with the Wilhelmina agency, reported that up to $165,000 of jewelry was stolen when they were booked at the Beverly Hills Hotel. They managed to put the incident behind them as their wedding on Feb. 2 went off without a hitch, as did the reception that took place later at the Stamos residence in Beverly Hills.

Here's hoping the two don't have anymore drama. Considering the line of work Stamos is in, at least their union won't be without a few laughs here and there.

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