Johnny Galecki's Baby May Develop Differently Due To Actor's Advanced Paternal Age

Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy soon! Here are some of the increased risks (and benefits) that the baby may be subject to due to Galecki being at an "advanced paternal age."

The Big Bang Theory star, Johnny Galecki, recently shared that he and his girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, are expecting a little baby boy! We were very excited to hear that our sweet little Leanoard Hoffstader is going to be a dad! Ever since we heard the news of him becoming a dad we have also have heard a lot of talk about Johnny's age. Johnny Galecki is 44 years old.  His age is under attack not only because he is 22 years older than his girlfriend, but he is at an "advanced paternal age" that makes us all wonder how that will affect his new baby. Women's ages are always under attack when they become pregnant. However, it is very uncommon for us to talk about dad's age. Did you know that dad's age can absolutely affect the unborn baby?

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Older Men Have a Higher Chance of Having Children With Autism

Scientists have found a correlation between the age of fathers when they have their baby and the chance of the child having autism. Fathers who have children in their 40's compared to father's in their 30's have a 28% higher chance of having a child with autism. Men in their 50's have a 66% higher chance of having a child with autism.

Increased Chance of Having Birth Defects

Fathers who have children when they are older than 35 have an increased chance of having children with birth defects. According to a study, men who have babies at 35 years or older have a higher risk of adverse birth defects. Some of the birth defects include low birth weight, seizures and the need for ventilation immediately after birth. In fact, the study showed that the older the father, the greater the risk.

Baby Has a Higher Chance of Psychiatric Issues

Many different published pieces of research have shown that children of older parents have a higher chance of having mental illnesses. Older fathers and fathers who are 11 years older than their partner have an increased risk of having a child with mental illnesses. Children born from fathers who are 11 years older than their mother have a 24% increased chance of having a mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and different phobias. Fathers who are 50 years old have an increased chance of 42% of having a child with a mental illness.

It's Not All Bad: Older Dad's Might Have Smarter Son's

Research has revealed that older dads might have smarter sons. Sons who are born who had older fathers have a higher chance of having a higher IQ, superior focus, and less concern with fitting in with others. Scientists believe that that this might be true because older dads are "more mature, evolved, and often intelligent caretakers themselves later in life."

Thankfully the negative risks of fathers having children at an older age are very low. Galecki should be aware of the risks, but not be terrified about them. We hope that everything goes perfectly fine throughout the rest of the pregnancy and that the baby comes out fat and happy!

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