Johnson & Johnson Confirms 15 Tests Show No Signs Of Asbestos In Baby Powder

J&J confirms that their baby powder no longer contains asbestos. The huge recall happened after a panic over trace amounts of the substance found in some bottles. After investigations by third parties, the company can confidently say that they’ve resolved the issue

At the beginning of the month, the company recalled 33,000 bottles of baby powder after authorities found trace amounts of asbestos in one bottle purchased online. While the dangerous substance was only found in one bottle, the company didn’t want to take any risks, so they issued a recall for all products produced from the same batch. Especially because the product is for infants, J&J wanted to ensure the safety of their customers.

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After 15 new tests of the same bottle that allegedly had asbestos in in, the FDA concluded that there were no harmful amounts in it. Just to be safe, an additional 45 laboratory tests of samples of the powder from the same batch was tested, and it has been confirmed that there is no asbestos in the product.

The company soon discovered the cause of the incident. They stated that they hired laboratories to test the recalled baby powder, and one of the labs suddenly switched rooms. In that location, the powder tested positive for asbestos. It was found that there was a portable air conditioner in that room that was contaminated with the substance.

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Despite their end of the manufacturing not being at fault, J&J has paid a heavy price for the scandal. Last year, 22 women and their families filed a lawsuit against the company for claims that there was asbestos in the talcum powder they sell. They linked it with their cases of ovarian cancer, and the jury awarded them the case. J&J paid $4.7 billion in damages as a result of losing the lawsuit. After settling that case, the company is still fighting lawsuits for traces of asbestos found in baby powder. They are currently facing a securities lawsuit because they are accused of failing to disclose that there was a contamination. No wonder the company goes above and beyond to test their baby powders now.

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