Join the Trend, 15 Hipster Baby Names That You Will Love

Naming your infant is a huge deal. Whatever name you pick is, most likely, going to follow your child throughout their entire life. According to some studies, it even has the potential to dictate how they are perceived by others, before they have the chance to make an actual first impression.

If this is true, you better make sure that the name you pick is the most suitable name for your individual child. Bearing that in mind, it appears best to choose a name with some originality, yet not so much so that it’s completely unfamiliar to others; no one wants their kid to be the outcast.

It seems most people have taken these ideas to heart. Almost everyone is looking for unique, or at least underused, baby names for their little one these days. In fact, lists of such names have taken over the internet. The problem is that many of these lists look very similar, with the main variation between them being their lengths.

So, if you’re looking for a name that’s not too popular, totally hip, and don’t want to be one of the many naming their child after a To Kill a Mocking Bird character this year, here’s eight great choices to get you started.

15  Austen

When used for a girl, this name has total hipster cred. First, there is it’s similarity to the male form of the name, commonly spelled Austin, which is a “thing” right now. Parents who take a name generally associated with one gender and assign it to a child of the opposite gender are on top of the naming trends at the moment.

Second, there is the name’s literary association. Used for a boy or girl, when the name is spelled this way, it pays tribute to the early American author Jane Austen. Names sourced from literature are always big with the hipster crowd.

Finally, this name is more commonly seen as a surname than a first name, also a rising trend. While using a surname for a female given name is especially “in”, it has coolness points for males as well. Though there is an added edginess if chosen for a baby girl, Austen is a prime hip baby name for either gender.

14  Robin

Although this name originated as an English diminutive of the masculine name Robert, it grew steadily in popularity as a female name through much of the 1900’s, peaking roughly mid-century, but holding its own into the early 2000’s.

After 2004, however, it dropped out of the top 1000 baby names in the U.S., for either gender, according to the Social Security Administration. This fact makes it an ideal time to resurrect this name for a baby boy. It’s a solid possibility for a girl as well, given its less popular status over the last decade.

A beautiful name whether it's hip or not

The meaning of Robin is “bright fame”, which provides a promising view for the future of any child with this as their given name. It’s also associated with the bird name, lending itself to a connection with nature. Names based on natural elements are definitely of the moment.

As a final thought, anyone with this name shares it with the late comedian Robin Williams. An important, influential member of pop culture society, being name-matched with this man is, without a doubt, hip.

13  Raine

Believed to be a derivative of the French word “reine”, this feminine name has a little French flair without being overtly foreign. Assuming this is correct; this name means queen, the English translation of “reine”. Along with the images of royalty and power that are conjured up by the meaning of the name, when spoken, this name evokes thoughts of rain.

This provides the name with the connection to a strong natural element which, again, is a very desirable quality for modern baby names.

For those who look to pop culture for inspiration, British socialite Raine Spencer is one of the few who will share this name with your child. If you take interest in the British royal family you will likely recognize her as Princess Diana’s stepmom. This fact only adds to the regality of this name.

12  Eamon

Pronounced Ay-mon, this variant of Edmond, or Edmund, should be a top choice for any trendsetter. Edmund/Edmond is already a solid pick for anyone seeking a classic, underused name eager for a comeback. Eamon, however, has an added unique twist. This takes the perfectly trendy what’s old is new again concept one step further by using a less familiar form of a traditional name.

Essentially the Irish form of Edmond/Edmund, this name may have even more impact if you are concerned with name meaning and origin. Since they are, technically, the same name it shares the meaning “wealthy protector”, projecting a strong, proud image for any baby boy. Plus, it goes above and beyond the more typically used names for parents honoring their Irish heritage through baby’s name.

11  Bernadette

With the meaning “strong, brave bear”, this name is ideal for the modern day female. It has an ultra-feminine look and sound, but is much tougher below the surface. Branching off from the meaning, this name lends itself to the current trend of naming for things found in nature.

Taking advantage of the uncommon suffix, -ette to achieve its femininity, this name is already original. It has flexibility though, as it can be shortened to Bernie. It’s like hipster baby naming with training wheels, the masculine name for a girl when you want it, or a more a traditional girl’s name if that’s just too far out of your comfort zone.

As an added bonus, this name is famously attached to actress Bernadette Peters. With a legendary career on Broadway, a variety of accolades for her on-screen work, and commitment to activism, this woman is the model namesake for any hipster baby girl.

10  Grey

This could be used as a nickname for the more popular, Greyson, but, Grey is a name in its own right. As a stand-alone name, it means “grey-haired”, not necessarily the best connotation. Arguably, though, this gives the name a distinguished sort of appeal. It’s mature, refined, and effortlessly cool.

Then, of course, there is the fact that it’s a color name…for a boy. Color names are an ever popular craze, primarily for girls. So, not only are you tapping into a fashionable naming pattern, you are reversing it. Daughters named Violet, Jade, and Rose are now yesterday’s news.

9  Honoria

This name stands at the ready for anyone who wants to bring back an old-fashioned name. Similar to Honor, the name of Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honoria has a virtuous, Puritanical vibe. The –ia ending changes it up, while still maintaining the basic qualities of a word used for a name. And the practice of naming children after words is still rather hip.

If you are looking to choose a name with ties to literature, this name couldn’t get much better. A multitude of novels have adopted this name for a female character, including W.M. Thackeray’s The Luck of Barry Lyndon.

The name has historical significance too. Dating back to the Roman Empire, the sister of Western Roman Emperor Valentinian III held this name.

8  Tobiah

An awesome alternative to Tobias, this name goes hand-in-hand with the nickname Toby, but has a little more originality. Ironically, Tobiah actually came first. This fact, clearly, proves its fashion-forwardness.

The atypical –ah ending of the name follows suit with many other names of Biblical origin, think Noah or Isiah. It takes baby naming from the Bible to the next level, as this name is not already heard on every playground in America.

7 Juniper

Juniper is a lovely name, no wonder hipster moms love this summer-inspired name. Another reason to love Juniper is that it can be used for a boy or a girl. So if you and your significant other can only agree on Juniper as a name, you're in luck! Or if you're looking for a great middle name, Juniper also sounds great as a moniker behind another stand alone name.

Outside from being the perfect name for your little angel, Juniper is a type of shrub that you've probably seen, but didn't know what it was. The shrub blooms little inedible blue berries and doesn't grow to be very tall. It has soft little pine like needles that aren't sharp and most varieties grow along the ground.

So if you're looking for a name that stands out and makes you picture summer in the country, than Juniper is the name for you!

6 Lulu

While most people think this name is a nickname for Louisa, Lucinda, Lucy or Lucielle, it's actually a word that means, "an outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing." Lulu is also a Native American name that means "rabbit." Your little one can be cute as a bunny and exemplary with a great name like Lulu.

One of the most famous women named Lulu was Louisa M. Alcott, the author of 'Little Women.' Other celebs with the name include Lulu Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, Lulu Jane Guiness. The name was hugely popular in 1880, but steeply dropped off popularity charts after 1934.

In fact this name is so rare that if you name your daughter Lulu, she might even be the only one in the whole state! So if you want a great name that you know won't be overly used, then we suggest you give Lulu a try.

5 Kai

Kai has been one of the most popular hipster names for boys in the last few years, and we can see why. It's a strong sounding name, short and to the point and easy for little ones to spell once they get school. It also helps that it's easy to pronounce and read so strangers, teachers, and loved ones can easily say the name without wracking their brains trying to figure out how to say it.

Kai comes from Hawaii and means, "sea." So if you're a hipster from California who loves surfing, ocean life or waves, this would be the perfect name for your little bundle. Heck, you don't even have to be from a state that borders the ocean to love this name! We just gave you a number of reasons above.

If you want a great name that sets your little one apart, but not drastically so, think about naming him Kai. You and 20,000 other parents can't be wrong loving this name!

4 Bear

Who doesn't love bears? This name makes me think of teddy bears, but if you want a rugged name for junior, then here's a name for you! This rough and tumble name doesn't just mean the animal, it also means "old friend," "to bear under," and "to hold firmly." See, that is one tough name. Even if you use it for a nickname, it's still precious.

While the statistics are still out on the popularity of the name, hipsters adore this name for the lumberjack feeling it intones as well as the soft nature of bears, or am I thinking teddy bears again. Either way there's no way your child could possible be a push over with a name like this.

So consider Bear for the little boy who loves adventure, to cuddle with mommy, and play outdoors. After all, he sounds like the 'all American' boy right there.

3 Livi

Here's a unique girl name that's not only sweet to the ears, but you could just imagine greeting your little one waking from her nap with, "Oh, hello Livi!" This hipster name has roost that reach from Scandinavia over to England and as far south as Italy. There's even traces of women named Livi in Hebrew as well. Now that's a well travelled name.

You could use Livi as short form for Olivia, but the name Livi on its own actually means, "the olive branch" or "the symbol of peace." With its Hebrew roots, some think that Livi is derived from Levi, one of the tribes of Judah. One thing is certain about the name though, it's not too common, so you could name your little one Livi and she'd probably be the only one for miles.

If you think this name is right for the newest member of your tribe, go for it! She'll likely be a sweet and gentle soul who's full of life.

2 Django

It seems Quentin Tarantino started a trend with this name. Most likely you've heard the name 'Django' from the movie, Django Unchained. In the movie Dajngo was a freed slave who fought to get his wife back from the vile slave owner who had her captive at his plantation. Quite the story and a fabulous name. So what's behind the popularity of Django? The movie probably helps, but the name itself is pretty cool.

It rolls off your tongue, although the spelling might give your little one a run for their money. But because of the movie, everyone knows how to pronounce it. Django is actually a Romany term meaning, "I awake."  Which might describe your experience as a parent, but it might also mean that your baby is pretty observant.

So if you're thinking about a name that's off the beaten path, even fro a hipster, consider Django for your little one.

1 Simone

Hipsters seem to love naming their little girls with feminine names that come from bygone eras. Simone is a sultry name that is the feminine form of Simon. The most famous woman to have the name was Nina Simone, a jazz/blues singer from the 60s.

Simone comes from Hebrew and means, "one who hears." You can alternatively spell the name Simonne, like parents are likely to do in France. This is a great name and if you're a hipster who happens to like jazz music, then this name should be right up your alley.

It's okay to want an original name

At the end of the day, the most important way to ensure that your baby is bestowed with the coolest name in town, rely on your own personal preferences. Everyone has their own individual quirkiness, play up your own and you will find the ideal name.

No matter the statistics or what others think or say, if you believe that the name you have chosen for your child is whatever you were hoping it to be, hippest, coolest, or whatever, then it is. It’s always all in the eye, or ear, of the beholder. Besides, a true hipster always does what they want, their own way, and refuses to allow the opinions of others to sway their decisions.

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