Jordan McGraw Talks About Growing Up With Dr. Phil As His Dad

In an exclusive interview, famous American musician and guitarist, Jordan McGraw, reveals how his famous father Dr. Phil affects his professional life.

Phillip Calvin McGraw, popularly known as Dr. Phil, is an American television celebrity host of the show Dr.Phil which was started after he gained recognition through an Oprah Winfrey show visit. He has two sons, Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw.

Musician Jordan McGraw revealed quite a few personal information about his relationship with his famous father during an interview with the People. He said, “Everybody asks if he influenced my performing, no, but my taste, yeah." On the music culture in his house, he says, "We always had music playing in the house,” and that he has been fond of listening to Led Zeppelin during his childhood.

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Happy birthday, dad. I love you.

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He also talked about how his father has influenced him with his inspiring statements."His tricks don’t work on me,” revealed Jordan about his Dad's psychoanalysis. Recalling the days when he looked up to his father for advice, he remembers Dr. Phil's words, “Just to have fun and not to worry about what people think." Dr. Phil added, “I don’t care what someone wants to say if it’s negative. If they want to hang out and be positive, great."

Wondering whether Dr. Phil has a hand on music, the son says, “He can’t clap on the beat or play the radio." But he sure does have good taste in music and enjoys listening to them. When Dr. Phil was asked if he prefers coming to his son's shows, Jordan was all proud and consented that his father is present in his plays.

The proud parents, Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw are also all praises for their son and have conveyed that he has not got his musical talent from them in an old interview while they were spotted during the release of 'Vibe' from the album Hundred Handed.

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Dr. Phil has been very popular for making complicated and technical information easily accessible and understandable to the general public. Dr.Phil has been the top-rated daytime talk show for the last seven years. It has received 29 Emmy nominations and won five PRISM Awards for the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse and addiction, as well as a MADD Media Awards.

McGraw is a rising musician and was recently spotted touring with the Jonas brothers trio for the promotion of their upcoming album Happiness Begins. He seemed to enjoy this meet-up both professionally and personally. He was all over the news recently when he performed Met at a Party with Modern Family star Sarah Hyland during the 2019 Teen Choice Awards.

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Jordan is the younger of the two sons of Dr. Phil, and the budding musician has already made it clear though he is immune to his father’s analysis they do share a special father-son bond.

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