Jordin Sparks Discusses 'Terrifying' Parenting Moment

Jordin Sparks shares one of the most terrifying parent moments that occurred with her 13-month-old son D.J.

Have you ever had that moment where you find Permanent marker all over your furniture and you think, "I didn't even know I owned a permanent marker!" Have you ever walked into the room and your kid is playing with scissors that you lost like three weeks prior and yet your little one was able to find it in a matter of seconds? Jordin Sparks had a very similar experience when she saw her child holding a knife that she didn't even know was in a place where he could reach.

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Sparks put her 13-month-old, D.J, down and he started playing in the pantry. She didn't think anything of it and thought that the worst he could do was get into some food. She thought, "no big deal." She turned around to put something down and when she looked back at D.J he was holding a big grill knife. She didn't even know that there was a grill knife in her pantry. At that point, she had no idea how to approach the situation. She didn't want to make a big fuss because she didn't want to wave it around and she didn't want him to start running away. Sparks said she had to keep calm even though she was terrified. Thankfully she was able to grab the knife from her son and neither of them got hurt.


She shares that it was the scariest thing and that she was so grateful that nothing worst happened. Sparks said that it was one of the most terrifying moments of being a mother, but now that she looks back she can find some humor in it. She admits that she wished she would have looked in the pantry before she just let her toddler play in there.

Don't beat yourself up too bad Jordin. All of us parents have had moments that we face-palm and we wish that we would have done something differently. We are pretty positive that every single mother has had a moment during their parenting journey that has scared them. You are not alone Jordin! Thankfully it had a happy ending and nobody got injured.

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