Joseph and Kendra Duggar Announced Pregnancy With Baby #2

Joseph and Kendra announce they are expecting baby #2!

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We met Joseph Duggar for the first time on TLC with his very large family. We watched their family grow larger and the kids got older. Joseph was part of 19 kids, the show changed to 21 Kids and Counting and now the Duggar family has once again changed the name of their show to Counting On. The show Counting On not only shows the original Duggar family but also shows some of the older children getting married and having families of their own. The family became popular for their large family and their unique lifestyle.

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Joseph Duggar married his wife, Kendra, and about 39 weeks later they welcomed their first child! The baby's due date and the family's conservative views made fans a little bit suspicious about the conception date, but that's none of our business. Their son was healthy and is loved. The couple has some more good news! They are expecting their second child!

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Kendra, 20, said that she had just found out she was pregnant and she had all of the emotions. She said that she was shocked, then excited, then terrified, then thrilled and then shocked again. In the end, they are very excited to be able to bring another baby into this world. Joseph said that he is thrilled! And they are both really looking forward to meeting their next child. Joseph then went on to say that he hopes that the little baby has a personality like his mom because she is so sweet and caring.

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We aren't quite sure when the due date will be as of yet, but we are excited to see updates as they share them. Their first child was born in June 2018, so the kids will probably be around 1 1/2 years apart which will be so much fun for the couple. Kendra said that being parents has brought more joy than they could ever imagine. Motherhood is all that she hoped it would be and more! We all hope that she has a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy with baby #2! Congratulations you guys! Keep us posted!


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