Former "American Idol" Contestant Josh Garcin & Wife Kate Gush Over Their Baby Shower

Josh Gracin and his wife are expecting their first child together and enjoyed a wonderful baby shower.

American Idol star, Josh Gracin, and his wife Kate allowed People to come to their baby shower and have an exclusive look into the baby shower. They are very excited to be able to welcome their beautiful son, Luka, into the world. This will be their first child together and they were very excited to be able to have People there to take photos of the special occasion. Gracin said that the event occurred in St. Louis where Kate grew up. They were also surrounded by 30 of her family members and friends. It was a very special and intimate party.

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The couple loved to have aunts, uncles, her parents, cousins, and her best friends join them in celebrating their son. They also were able to go visit their nephew who is going to be turning two years old next month. The event was beautiful and they had such a great time. Their baby shower was decorated with tons of yellow and white balloons. They also had a blue neon sign that spelled out "Luka" as well as golden sign spelling out the boy's name.  The couple sat on a matching gold throne where they took photos together.

Kate is a graphic designer and so she created Luka his very own monogram. The monogram was then projected on the floor as you entered into the event space. They could also see the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch that made an amazing backdrop to their wonderful party. Gracin also raved about how amazing the desserts were at their party. It was catered by the event hall where they held the function and they just did an amazing job. They said that they couldn't have asked for a better way to be able to honor their son. The couple said that they loved being surrounded by all of their family and friends.

The couple announced their pregnancy back in July. They shared that they were very excited to be able to welcome a child together and was expected to arrive in early 2020. “We’ve been praying for a baby since we decided on a name last year for a boy and a girl.” This is the couples, first child, together, but Gracin has four other children from his previous marriage. He has three daughters; Isabella Sophia, 10, Gabriella Ann, 12, and Briana Marie, 17. Then he has one son named Joshua who is 14 years old.

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