Josh And Heather Altman From 'Million Dollar Listing LA' Welcomed Baby Boy

Josh and Heather Altman welcomed their second child on July 16 and he is a perfect little baby boy!

Million Dollar Listing LA stars, Josh and Heather Altman, welcomed their second child on July 16. Heather delivered a sweet little healthy little boy. They named their son Ace David Altman. Little Ace joins their daughter, Alexis. The couple shared the big news on Thursday, July 18 with their first picture of their beautiful son.

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Heather shared the first picture of her son with a caption "ACE DAVID ALTMAN ♠️ born July 16th, 2019 at 5:42am." She goes on to say that her son is perfectly healthy and that is already moving and shaking about. Josh and Heather thought that she was going to have to have a c-section because baby Ace refused to turn around in the womb. He had been breached for a while and the couple did everything to get him to get into the right position. They tried acupuncture, chiropractic exercise, and other pregnancy tricks but then nothing ever worked. Finally, they had a successful ECV (external cephalic version). The baby turned around just in time! She goes on to say that she is very excited to have "this little legend" part of their family and she is very excited for their daughter Lexi to meet Ace. And then she thanks all of the nursing staff for helping her deliver a healthy little baby boy.

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The couple announced that they were pregnant and expecting their second child back in January 2019. A week later, the couple revealed that they were going to be having a little baby boy. When they got pregnant both of them were convinced that they were going to be having a little girl and so when the doctor called and told them that they were pregnant with a boy their jaws just dropped. They were completely shocked. Josh said that he was "pumped" to have a little mini-me. The couple shared that they were very excited because they get the best of both worlds because they are able to have both a boy and a girl!

Congratulations to the wonderful couple and the new family of four! We are very excited for you! We hope that Heather has a quick recovery and that little Ace continues to grow big and strong.

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