Josiah And Lauren Duggar Expecting Baby A Few Months After Experiencing Miscarriage


Josiah and Lauren Duggar are pregnant with their rainbow baby!

Josiah and Lauren Duggar are happy to announce that they are pregnant with their baby #2 after experiencing a miscarriage back in October 2018. So far everything has been looking great in her pregnancy and it appears that this pregnancy is going as it should. They announced their pregnancy by holding a letter board that said, "rainbow after the storm." They are all smiles and they are very excited that their baby has been healthy so far.

Lauren explains that she was really struggling for a little bit after she had a miscarriage. She decided to open up about her miscarriage because she wants people to be less taboo about talking about them. Josiah and Lauren were on a trip while going to a friend's wedding. When Lauren said that she started feeling kind of "off." She felt kind of sick and just like something was really wrong. Lauren said that she was cramping really bad and that she was feeling extremely sick. She then started feeling like she was going to start her period. She went into the bathroom and she sat down and "there goes her baby." She said she saw her baby in the toilet.

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Lauren said that she didn't believe that it was true and she couldn't believe that it was happening to her. She thought that those types of things happen to other women but not her. Once it hit her that she was actually having a miscarriage she broke down in tears and starting sobbing. Even thinking about losing her last pregnancy she still gets emotional thinking about what has happened.

Although it was very difficult for her she is very happy that she was able to get pregnant again and that the baby seems to be progressing nicely. She said that God has definitely blessed them and are they are happy that he has blessed them in their faithfulness. Lauren said that she is so excited to be able to hold the baby in her arms in the Fall.

Congratulations you two! We hope that Lauren continues to have a great pregnancy and that the baby continues to grow big and strong. We are excited for you two!

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