UPDATE: Judge Dismisses Charges Against Tennessee Mom Who Dropped Baby In Viral Facebook Video

The charges against a mother who dropped her newborn baby during a Facebook Live video have officially been dropped.

This past Tuesday, Judge Alex McVeigh dismissed the various aggravated child abuse charges against 24-year old Tennessee mother Tybresha Sexton, NY Daily News reports. The mother-of-one came under fire after she posted a Facebook Live video showing her holding her 1-month old baby in the air with one hand before blowing smoke into the infant’s face and dropping her harshly onto a pillow.

Several people who viewed the video online felt compelled to contact the Chattanooga police. When police arrived at Tybresha’s home on September 29th, they discovered the scent of alcohol on her breath. She was also reportedly making a series of irrational claims when police came. The mother was subsequently arrested and charged with child abuse. She also faced charges in connection to resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

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During Tybresha’s hearing, Assistant District Attorney Ben Boyer called the video “outrageous” and “disturbing.” However, he said it was not enough evidence to make child abuse charges stick, which is why they were ultimately dropped.

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Judge McVeigh did warn the young mother that she needs to be diligent about taking her medications. Evidently, poor mental health may have been to blame for the alarming video. “I need you getting back on your medication,” McVeigh told Tybresha during the hearing. “That needs to happen quickly.” Media outlets have confirmed the mother is currently seeking help for unknown mental health problems.

The infant in question will not be returned to the mother until she completes her treatment. The child is reportedly being cared for by her maternal grandmother. Tybresha, on the other hand, has been ordered to stay with her grandmother (aka. the child’s great grandmother) until the next custody hearing, which is scheduled for January.

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This isn’t the first time a mother has been arrested after posting footage showing her blowing smoke at her infant’s face. Last year, 21-year old North Carolina mother Brianna Ashanti Lofton was arrested after she released a video that showed her allowing her 1-year old child to smoke marijuana. The disturbing video, which has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, showed an adult’s hand giving the infant a blunt.

The mother in question was eventually arrested in March of 2018 after social media users helped the local police identify her. Lofton was eventually charged with two counts of child abuse, possession of an illicit substance, and delinquency.

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