Judge Orders Teen Mother To Give Baby Up For Adoption After 13-Minute Court Case

A judge in the UK is being heavily criticized after she ruled that a woman was unfit to be a mom following a 13-minute court case.

Being a parent is one of the biggest challenges a person will face in their lives. Even though having children is the most natural thing in the world, it is something most of us are incredibly nervous about when the time comes. There's no way of knowing what type of parent we're going to be until we become one, and that can be quite a daunting prospect.

We currently live in a time where people are becoming parents later in life. So much so that women giving birth at a young age are judged by some people. Truth be told, provided they are an adult, it doesn't matter how old you are when you have a child. We know 20-year-olds who are terrific parents, and 35-year-olds who have really struggled to make the transition to mom or dad.

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What is not okay is passing judgment on whether someone is ready to be a parent or not when you don't really know them. That's what has caused quite a stir in the UK recently. A judge decided a 16-year-old mom wasn't fit to be a parent to her young daughter. That might have been deemed to be fair enough by most if it had not been for Judge Helen Black making that decision after just 13 minutes, reports Mail Online.

With so many lives in the balance, especially that of a young baby, to make a judgment with repercussions like this one after such a short period of time is questionable at best. Due to the mom being from a family which had been under the observation of social workers, and the father having a similar background, it has been assumed by many that the judge had made her mind up before even hearing the case.

The good news is that appeal court judges rebuked the decision and that a new judge should oversee the case when it returns to court. The baby had been living with adoptive parents prior to the appeal, but it is currently unknown whether that is still the case or if she has been returned to her mom for the time being.

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