"Just to Die For" - 15 of the Cutest Baby Photo Shoots

Photoshoots can be fun no matter the age, but baby photo shoots are right up there as one of the most adorable things in history (just behind Pomsky’s pawing the water). There are endless possibilities and so many themes out there that it’s hard to choose just one; a lot of people are finding this a real problem and are looking towards calendars, mixing in all the ideas that they’ve Pinned at 3 in the morning. Here are some beyond adorable photoshoots of little ones:

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15 Just…..Hanging Out

Is there anything cuter than a baby hanging on a clothesline? There’s something about the outdoor scene with the onesies hanging right next to them and the make-shift sun shining bright, that makes this photo just too cute for words. Who knew a baby on a clothesline would make such a great photo? Simple to make, perfect for summertime, this photo shoot idea is a definite keeper!

14 Princess’ Day Out!

Just your typical baby princess having a day at the beach. Some balloons, a cute headband, and that adorable tutu and you’ve got yourself a baby photo to cherish for years! The best part of this photo is the look of entitlement mixed with a little bit of disgust in this baby’s face; she knows she’s the princess of the family.

13 For the Music Lovers!

A little DJ waiting to party! You can see this baby now at Coachella getting everyone excited with some house music while he snuggles into his sleeper. You can easily re-create this photo by adding a little turn table and headphones to your own baby photos via photo-shopping apps, making your own in-house baby DJ for your next party!

12 When Mommies Have Fun with Fabric

A cute way to do a photo shoot if you’re a little crafty. Here, the baby sleeps soundly as the owl reads him a goodnight story out on their very own tree branch. But in case your baby is wide awake, you can have fun imagining different scenarios to photograph them in!

11 The Young Jedi’s Photo Shoot

May the Force be with you. Is there anything cuter than a baby with a lightsaber? Maybe a baby on a clothesline with a lightsaber in hand while a Pomsky looks on could take the cake. All Star Wars fans can rejoice and show the world their true geek-dom with a few adorably crafted baby photoshoots. The only thing that could make this photoshoot better is if the child was born on May 4th.

10 The One That Teachers Will Love

Photoshoots that can easily be done at home are the ultimate goal for any new parents, expecting or otherwise. Just a chalk board, some great work with the chalk and your baby snuggled into a blanket and you’re good to go! Such a cute idea and can be done in so many ways, not just balloons and blustery clouds, but with animals, ships or even a flower patch.

9 The Generic Pink Shoot For Your Gal

It’s generic, but come on! The stone archway and dreary-esque background really makes the pink in the balloon and on the girl’s tutu pop! The giant 1 is reminiscent of Sesame Street segments that teach your child how to count. And all we’re missing in this photo is the Count.

8 The Studious Court Jester, Yer Majesty!

This is a cute way to show off your baby and your book collection. This photo shoot is absolutely adorable and easy to re-create without hiring a professional photographer. Simply gather a couple of stuffed animals, a jester’s hat (or any hat really) and find a cute onesie and you’re all set. Line up the books and position your sleeping baby just right to make it look like he’s jumping. This is an incredibly easy photo shoot without tons of work!

7 Mary Poppins!

Not baby specific, but still a great idea for toddlers, children and babies alike! Why not use the classic tale of Mary Poppins to showcase your child to the world? As they will have to lie down, this is great for babies and young toddlers who are squirmers or can’t sit up. Making great use of fabrics, you can even re-create at home with some bright colored towels or fleece blankets!

6 The Young Star Gazer

You can just picture his telescope beside his crib poking out through the curtains of the window, ready for this baby to explore our world and beyond. The fist in the mouth, his own ponderous stance, while the stars twinkle behind him, is just the icing on the cake. Unless you’ve a miraculous view of the galaxy, or millions of those glow-in-the-dark stars, this is best left to the professionals and studios.

Of course, you need to be a little bit of a Photoshop expert here, because the photo does require a heavy touch up to make the stars appear as actual stars.

5 The One Where Daddy’s Involved

A great way to get your man involved. Dads always love to throw their babies in the air it seems, and this photo is the perfect way to capture that moment. You can even have a few photos with just dad and baby and others with just mom and baby. Or, add even more whimsy and incorporate both parents together with one on either side, mom looking on with a terrified look on her face!

4 For Marvel and DC Lovers

What’s cuter than a baby superhero? Nothing!

You can take any superhero you like and put them into their own superhero costume. Thinking of recreating this one at home? All you gotta do is find these tiny and adorable costumes on Etsy; and if you’re feeling a little crafty, head over to Pinterest to find out great patterns for each.

3 Re-Enacting Iconic Movie Scenes

This one’s truly creative.

Grab your favorite movie title and start gathering supplies to make a great photoshoot with baby, or the whole family! Use iconic scenes that people will understand and will be able to identify which movie, and scene, you’re capturing. Try making a collage of up close stills of everyone’s character and reactions like this one here!

2 For The Boy Who Lived

Living in a world where the next generation doesn’t know the greatness that is Harry Potter is heartbreaking. Introducing them to the wonderful wizarding world is the only way they’re going to really learn about wizards and muggles. There are so many adorable Harry Potter themed photos to try, from Mandrakes to tiny bearded Dumbledore, or simply this cute photo of a baby Harry Potter!

1 The Under Water Shoot

Smells like Teen Spirit in Here? Perhaps these parents loved Nirvana were missing a dollar bill and wanted to make their own Nevermind cover; or maybe they’ve never heard of them and just thought their daughter swimming would be a great shot.

Either way, this is a great idea for a photoshoot with your baby (adding in the dollar and fish hook for the Nirvana-esque cover), or a simple shot of your toddler swimming under water. Add some water wings, toys or sea shells for some extra ‘under the sea’ feel.

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