K-9 Rescues Missing 3-Year-Old Ohio Boy In Record Time

For parents, one of the nightmare scenarios they may find themselves in is that their child has gone missing. Sometimes it's due to a case of foul play- either by a stranger or someone the child knows. But more often than not, the missing child in question may have wandered off or gotten lost. That being said, it's a terrifying situation that no parents ever wants to find themselves in.

In Shelby County, Ohio, one family's story of their missing child turned out to have a happy ending. A K-9 unit named Bandit found the three-year-old boy shortly after he'd gone missing. Bandit and his handler, Deputy Frank Bleigh of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, were successful in finding the toddler so that he could be reunited with his distraught family.

Police say that they received a call this past Tuesday at 12:47PM local time to say that the boy was missing. They responded to 15045 Sidney Plattsville Road, which is where police began their search. Deputy Bleigh took Bandit to the front of the house to start searching. Just 10 minutes after it had begun, Bandit had located the toddler.

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In a Facebook post uploaded onto the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office's Facebook Page, they stressed just how incredible Bandit was in finding the child. They also used this incident to point out the importance of K-9 units in police agencies.

"This is exactly why we have dog units, watching this track you could tell very well that Bandit had the scent of the child and was well on his way to finding him," the sheriff's office explained in the post.

The same post thanked both Deputy Bleigh and his K-9 Bandit for doing a great job in tracking and finding the missing boy. They added that watching the dog work was "amazing" to "watch unfold". While that may be true, we're sure that the boy's family is beyond grateful that the toddler was found alive and well. Given that these cases don't always end well, it's nice to see that this one did end on a happier note.

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