Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddies Want Nothing To Do With Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry's baby daddies don't want to be part of Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 star, Kailyn Lowry, has three children. All three of her children have different fathers. Lowry became pregnant with her first child when she was 17 years old and became famous on the MTV tv show 16 and Pregnant. The father of her first child was her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera. They had their first child, Isaac in 2010.  They couldn't handle the stress of raising a child together as teenagers and they inevitably split ways. Lowry went on to begin a relationship with Javi Marroquin and together they had their first child together in  2013 that they named Lincoln. Marroquin and Lowry got a divorce after they suffered a miscarriage. On August 5, 2017 Lowry gave birth to son Lux Russell with Chris Lopez.

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Lowry is about to start filming for Teen Mom 2 and her baby daddies don't want to be part of the production. Rivera is currently married and has no interest being part of the show. Rivera and Lowry have a very rocky relationship and they usually have to have a mediator in order to help them get along. The mediator is usually Rivera's current wife, but she doesn't want to do that for the filming of the show. They are currently in a major dispute about Issac's summer custody schedule. Lowry apparently broke a disagreement she had with Rivera about custody with their son. Lowry even mentioned that she "might be going to jail soon" due to the conflict.

Marroquin isn't basing his decision on not returning to the show because of his relationship with Lowry. He has just moved on and wants to continue on with his life without being filmed. He is newly engaged and has two children. He also started his own business that he is interested in focusing his attention on currently. He opened up his own CrossFit gym and he doesn't want that to be involved with the MTV show in any way. People were shocked that Marroquin didn't want to be part of the show because since the beginning Lowry has accused him of dating her for the fame.

Lowry's third baby daddy, Lopez, has always been quite shy and not interested in being part of the show. He has never had any interest in having a public life where he was the center of attention. Even when Lowry talks about their relationship he stays quiet and doesn't want to cause any drama. There has been a lot of rumors going around about the couple. At one moment people are told that they aren't even on speaking terms and then the next moment the couple is being seen on vacation together in Hawaii. So, we aren't really sure whether or not they are back together. However, due to the nature of his personality, we can assume he won't part of the show too much.

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