Kandi Burruss Of "RHOA" Reveals Her Surrogate Lost One Of Her Twins

Famous American singer Kandi Burruss revealed in Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 that the surrogate she and husband Todd Tucker was using was about to give birth to twins, but only one of them survived.

Kandi Burruss, 43, and husband Todd Tucker, 46, have decided to embrace parenthood again through surrogacy. They were happy to have found their surrogate, and even more pleased when it was disclosed that they would be having twins. But, destiny had some different plans for them - one of the embryos couldn't survive.

Burruss expressed her emotions on Real Housewives of Atlanta, saying, “I was sad at first, but then I just had to be grateful that the one made it.” The couple was seen debating about surrogacy in the previous season of RHOA, and the news of surrogacy for them landed in September this year.

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The Grammy winner was uncertain about going through pregnancy for the third time as she faced “a high-risk pregnancy with son and her history with fibroids, noncancerous growths in the uterus." After trying to conceive for about a year unsuccessfully, the couple considered surrogacy. They agreed to the process and found a woman named Shadina through Burruss’ OBGYN, Married to Medicine's Dr. Jackie Walters.

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“To allow somebody to carry my child inside of them? It was a tough decision to make,” the singer said in the show.

She further described this as a completely different episode and that she really reckons about not experiencing the rise and fall during pregnancy. “I just feel like this whole situation is strange,” she confessed. “I don’t get to be excited about the first kick. I don’t get to be excited about, ‘Oh now my baby bump is showing.’ I don’t get to be excited even about my boobs filling up with milk.” However, she emphasized this as a "joyous yet interesting experience."

Burruss had revealed in 2015 that she had uterine fibroids – “inside the cavity of the uterus where your baby would implant." The No Scrubs contributor then had to undergo a surgery at the age of 38, and due to entering a high-risk pregnancy age, the couple decided to undergo pregnancy procedure soon. That is when their son Ace was born through IVF in 2016. Apart from Ace, Burruss has a 16-year-old daughter named Riley with her ex-boyfriend, Russell "Block" Spencer of Block Entertainment. Meanwhile, Tucker is a proud father of a 22-year-old daughter- Kaela. The couple is absolutely in love with each other and keeps on updating posts with captions flaunting love and respect for each other through their Instagram account.

The singer has been crystal clear that they wanted a large family, especially after marrying Todd Tucker in 2014. The couple met on the sets of RHOA, and after dating for nearly three years, they decided to get married. Thee child due this month would be their fourth child. We wish them luck and hope for healthy delivery and happiness to the family.

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