Kane Brown Got Great Parenting Advice From Jason Aldean

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn Jae recently announced that they are pregnant with their first child. They are very excited to become parents and said that it was amazing to be able to hear their baby for the first time. Brown said that when he heard his child for the first time that it was one of the most amazing moments and at that moment everything became "real." Recently Brown and Jae revealed that their sweet little baby is going to be a little girl! They are both stoked and excited to meet their little baby girl!

Jason Aldean is a father of three little daughters and so he is filled with amazing advice and words of wisdom that anybody raising little girls should listen to. Jason told Kane one simple thing, he said, " she is going to have you wrapped around her finger."

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Kane is very excited to be a father and he says that he is ready for the hard parts about parenting, for example,  the lack of sleep. He is very excited to be a father and be able to hold his little girl. Kane admits that his wife has not had a very tough pregnancy so far. She hasn't been very nauseous and she hasn't had too many symptoms as of yet. Kane said, "she was sick for like a week."


Aldean and Kane are very close. Aldean said that Kane has turned into his little brother and he has loved having him in his life. Aldean will probably have a lot of advice and pointers to give to Kane Brown. It will be super cool because Kane's daughter is expected to arrive almost exactly one year after Navy, Jason Aldean's youngest daughter, and so they are going to probably be best friends!

Hopefully, Jae continues to have an uneventful pregnancy and that she doesn't get sick. It must be such a blessing to not have to deal with so many horrible pregnancy symptoms and we are hoping that continues! Congratulations you guys on the pregnancy and we are anxiously waiting for her to arrive.

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