Kansas Woman Shares Story Of How The NICU Saved Her Twin Daughters

September is NICU month. The month is to specifically remember all of the beautiful babies who are in the NICU, all of the babies who have graduated from the NICU, all of the medical staff who work tirelessly to save the little ones in the NICU and even the parents who have had to spend time in the NICU with their little ones.

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Ashley Trotter shares her story about the time that her twin daughters were in the NICU. In August 2018, Trotter became pregnant with twins and she was so thrilled to be able to welcome two girls into the world. However, there were many pregnancy complications. The doctors decided to make the very difficult decision of having Trotter deliver her twins early. She had an emergency C-section at 26-weeks and her daughters Rylynn and Roselynn were born and had to begin their fight to stay alive. They were born on January 11, 2019.

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Trotter said when she was born she thought that all they needed was to gain weight. She thought that all they needed was her milk and they would get bigger and then they would be able to go home. She said that her thought process was so wrong. Rylyn only weighed 1.4lbs and Roselynn only weighed 1.8lbs. Rylynn and Roselynn's lungs were severely underdeveloped due to being so premature. This required lots of oxygen support and treatment in the NICU. Since their journey began, the girls were at St. Luke's then transferred to Children's Mercy Kansas City in April. Trotter said one of the hardest parts was that she couldn't touch her daughters because they were so little. She said " "Imagine a baby that cries and it's yours and not being able to pick her up."


She said that even though there were a lot of tears and a lot of saddness she fell in love with the support of the NICU staff. She loved how hard the NICU nurses and doctors worked to save their daughters. "They become family. We have our primary nurses. If it wasn't for them, I probably would have lost my mind by now," Trotter said. "They are not just in there taking care of them like another patient. They're personal. They do care about my girls. If my daughter is crying and I'm holding one of them, they pick her up and they love on them. You create this bond with these people who save your baby's life every day." After 8 months of being in the NICU, Roselynn will be able to leave home soon. There is not a set date on when Rylynn will be released but she is making good progress.

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