Kanye West Shares Adorable Snap Of North Playing With Dolls

We're used to seeing the beautiful next generation of the Kardashian's pop up on our news feeds. After all, there has been a bit of a baby boom in the household recently, with three of the women welcoming baby girls this year. While Kanye is getting some heat on Twitter since he returned recently for his slightly odd choice of posts, there's no denying that the picture he shared of North can do no wrong.


The father-of-three took a break from posting controversial posts earlier this week to share a picture of 4-year-old North playing with her dolls, including a collectible Michael Jackson figure and one that looks just like her daddy. "We dance to music Michael all morning," West captioned the post of his little girl in her bunny pajamas. It looked to be a quiet moment of bonding between the pair as newborn Chicago and her brother Saint weren't pictured.

There's no denying that Kanye is a huge fan of the King of Pop as he has sampled his music in his own tracks previously, including Jackson's 1982 song "P.Y.T", which featured on the 40-year-old's 2007 single "Good Life." North looked happy to have all of her daddy's attention. West was previously absent from Twitter for some time before making a shock comeback with a slew of odd posts earlier this month. Posts were ranging from throwing shade at Nike for the supposedly copying of some of his shoe designs to sharing some philosophy about consciousness that none of us quite got.

There have been reports that wife Kim is growingly concerned about her husband's behavior recently, fearing that he will end up in hospital again after he split from his manager. There's no doubt the singer has been acting especially odd lately, announcing five new albums in the works. Kim is said to be worried that Kanye is putting too much pressure on himself and is heading for a breakdown.


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