Even 'Karen' Has More Talents Than I Do

I have always been very insecure about the fact that I just don't have any talents. It seems like everybody has a talent and I am just over here like, "uh, I know how to tie my shoes." I look at everybody else and it seems like God really gave them "all of the things" and then I was kind of given what was leftover. Even the annoying "Karen" down the street seems to have more talent in her little obnoxious pinky than I do in my whole body.

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Whenever there was a talent show or something at school I always wanted to participate. The problem, I have no talents! All I can think about is in Park and Recreation when Leslie Knope asks Jessica Wicks what she did for her talent during the Miss Pawnee competition and Jessica said, "I packed a suitcase." That is seriously my life, but I don't even know how to pack a suitcase! When the talent show would come around I would always tell my mother that I didn't have any talents. She would then start spouting off all of the cliche talents that literally almost every decent person has. She might as well have said, "you don't have any unique talents but you have a sweet spirit." In other words, "you are ugly with no talents, but you are nice."

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Growing up I looked at my family full of talents and it always seemed like I was the black sheep. People would even ask me if I was actually related to my family. In high school, I told somebody who my brother was and people were always shocked. My brother was cool, popular, athletic and captain of the varsity football team. I was the weirdo in the back who didn't even know how to talk to humans without making them feel uncomfortable. My sister is beautiful, funny, makes friends easily and she can sing like an angel. My mom tells me that I have a "sweet voice" which is code for, "you can't sing but I love you too much to tell you the truth."

I just assumed that as I got older that I would develop more talents. I had always pictured myself being a super talented adult. Nothing really has changed. I think the only thing that has actually changed is my acceptance of the lack of talent. Like, I already know that I don't really know how to do anything so I find it funny. This is not a post about "pitty me" or where I am "fishing for compliments." I know what my strengths are and I know that I don't have any talents that can be showed up on a stage. I can't bake a beautiful cake, I don't have a knack for decorating, I am not really good at building things, I can't sing, I am athletic enough but certainly not extraordinary,don't ask me to draw anything and I am not funny so it's not like I can be a jokester. I have strengths that can't be seen on a stage but I do have some talents! I am a hard worker, and I am a good mom to my four children. I just wish for once I had a talent that I could show off to others!

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