Karla Homolka: 15 Things Her Victims' Families Want You To Know

Karla Homolka didn’t escape from prison. Back in 1993, she was only given a 12-year prison sentence for killing two children.

Karla Homolka didn’t escape from prison. Back in 1993, she was only given a 12-year prison sentence for killing two children. The only reason that she got off so easy is because she painted herself as her husband’s victim, claiming that she simply went along with everything he said. Over the years though, it has become increasingly clear that she was the real instigator in the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, as well as her own sister, Tammy Homolka. Luckily, another one of her victims, Jane Doe, survived, albeit with no recollection of the horrific events.

More than a decade following her release, she is now living in an off-island suburb of Montreal in Canada. It has even recently come to light that she has repeatedly volunteered at her children’s school! Yet, this is the same woman who was denied parole with a third of her sentence to go as she was deemed at too high of a risk to re-offend.

It sounds too good to be true for her and she better be thanking her lucky stars every day. The reality is that she should have been left in jail until the end of her days. Her partner Paul Bernardo, also known as The Scarborough Rapist, is rotting away in a prison cell the size of a broom closet, so why isn’t she?

15She Wasn’t Convicted Of Killing Her Sister

Karla : "Tell me you love me."

Paul : "I love you Tammy."

He appears to orgasm saying, "Oh Tammy, I love you."

Karla : "I love you Paul."

Paul gets up and moves to the camera without acknowledging Karla at his feet.

As Karla looks past Paul into the lens, she smiles and waves at the camera.

In this expert, Karla had actually been pretending to be her dead little sister Tammy. Just months before, Karla had drugged and offered her fourteen-year old sister’s virginity to her ex-husband out of guilt of not having been a virgin herself. According to the story that they fed to authorities, Karla and Paul apparently tried to revive Tammy after she choked on her own vomit, but they were unsuccessful.

The above photograph was even found inside Tammy’s coffin and yet devoid of any logic, Karla was never charged with her murder.

14The Tapes Were Destroyed

We have thousands upon thousands of individuals riding out unfairly long prison sentences for having a bit of marijuana in their possession and yet we have stone cold killers like Karma Homolka enjoying their freedom after just 12 years in prison.

The most mind-boggling parts about her case is that videotapes had actually been unearthed, showing the Ken & Barbie Killers raping and torturing the young girls. As crazy as it sounds, the tapes weren’t used to give Karla the life sentence she deserves. Ken Murray, Paul Bernardo’s lawyer, is the one who found the tapes but in an attempt to discredit Karla, he held onto them for 17 months. By the time he finally handed them over to the prosecutors, Karla had already struck a deal to plead guilty to manslaughter and testify against Bernardo.

At the behest of the victims’ families, these tapes were destroyed after the trial.

13She Is The Real Killer

Although Karla’s ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, is the one serving a life-sentence for rape and murder, it’s clear that the real killer is Karla.

During the entire trial, Karla Homolka painted herself as another one of Paul Bernardo’s victim, claiming that she suffered domestic abuse and merely went along with everything he wanted to do. However, after watching the videotapes that Karla and Paul recorded, Paul’s lawyer was actually left traumatized. He later testified that the tapes “were corrosive”.

He added: “This wasn't a lady who had been subjugated. She was happy, compliant, suggestive and willing […] Nothing on the tapes struck me that she was being dominated or coerced”.

For his part, Paul had said: “She should have been charged along with me. She was the killer, in the true sense. I did all the stuff I recorded, but I didn't commit the ultimate act. I'm never getting out of here, but she's out.”

12She Will Do It Again

When a criminal is released from prison, it’s usually on the good faith that they won’t do it again. Obviously, things aren’t always so peachy, but in Karla Homolka’s case, everyone in the court system is actually convinced that she will do it again.

The craziest part about it all is that with just a little over eight years into her sentence, the court had actually ruled that she was at too big of a risk to re-offend and refused to release her early. It seems that they may have been onto something given that despite her past, she still thought it would be a good idea to volunteer at a children’s school.

A major reason the court refused her parole application is because of the hidden relationship that she had undertaken with Jean-Paul Gerbet, another killer she met while he was volunteering at the same prison she was in.

11She Isn’t Considered An 'Offender'

Although Homolka molested three children, including her own sister, she isn’t considered a sex offender. Since her release, there are many who consider that her name deserves to be placed on the Sex Offenders Registry. Yet more than a decade after her release from prison and nearly 18,000 signatures on an online petition, she still isn’t on the list.

A compelling argument was actually made at the end of the petition: “If we can’t put her back in prison, then let’s get this monster registered so schools, parents, and neighbors keep their children safe.”

Many would argue that she has served her time and thus deserves a second lease on life, but the problem with this argument is that we can’t forget how the children she murdered will never get to see the world again.

10Three Additional Little Victims

In a letter to a reporter, Karla wrote: "People are always going to interpret what I do as bad. They'll pick out one bad thing from a sea of good and I'll be judged on that."

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken, but the thing is that no amount of good will ever allow her to redeem herself. Her mere 12 years in prison were a joke, but even worse is her choice to go on to have a seemingly “normal” life with three kids. In having children, she has inevitably cursed them into paying for her crimes.

As for her ex-husband Paul: “people wanted him to rot in hell. They got their wish”. This remark from a prison employee can be found in Nick Pron’s “Lethal Marriage: The Unspeakable Crimes of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homlka”, considered to be the most journalistically accurate book on the case.

9She Volunteers At Her Children’s School

One would think that after being incarcerated for raping and killing children, Homolka would have the common sense to stay as far away from kids as possible. Not only did she go on to have three kids, but then reports surfaced that she may have been teaching at a kids’ school in Guadeloupe.

Her return to Canada wasn’t without notoriety but worse still is the fact that her name was recently in the news again and this time for volunteering at her children’s school.

Given this woman’s heavily sexualized and violent past, such a turn in events is absolutely appalling. Even worst is the fact that upon first voicing their outrage about Homolka’s volunteering, parents’ concerns were dismissed. Only after hitting the news did the school finally listen, issuing a statement that “no one with a criminal record will be allowed to volunteer”.

The above excerpt is from a letter that a childhood friend of Kristen French wrote recently.

8She Wasn’t A Model Inmate

While we’re on the topic of reformed inmates, here’s the thing: Karla most probably isn’t at this point, we’re just waiting for the next incident to hit the news and for her to be back behind bars for good.

And while taking up a relationship in prison with a murderer is controversial in of itself, her entire incarceration actually further proves her problems with sex. Not only did she exchange heavily sexualized letters with Gerbet, but another inmate, Chantel Meuneer, caught the pair stripping at a prison fence, fondling each other and even exchanging underwear.

In speaking of the incidence, Meuneer added: She is still a sick woman. She likes sick men”.

She also had a same-sex relationship with Lynda Veronneau, who actually went so far as to get herself thrown back into jail just to be with Homolka. But Karla dropped her before her release.

7She Quit Her Job Because Of Her Boss’ Assault

It seems that wherever Karla Homolka goes, so does anything sex-related. Her crimes were rooted in sex and as we already covered, her incarceration wasn’t devoid of sex either.

Upon her release from prison, she managed to get herself a job at a hardware store. Or rather, the job had been offered to her by Richer Lapointe for a couple of months leading up to her release. It seems that the offer wasn’t well-intentioned though because he recorded their conversations.

He claims to have been deeply troubled by her words, but even crazier is the fact that she had to quit after just three weeks because he was charged with sexually assaulting his former spouse.

6She Lies Through Her Teeth

Her former boss also claims that she said to him: “Richer, my life will always be a lie”.

Jane Doe was another one of the Ken & Barbie Killers’ victims, but unlike the others, she survived. When the fifteen-year-old girl woke up after being drugged, she had no recollection of the fact that she had been violently raped by the pair.

With all of her victims, Homolka turned on her charm to get them to follow her without suspicion. With Jane Doe in particular, Karla invited her back to her place and a happy photograph was even taken of the two together. But although Karla later tried to claim that she was Paul’s battered wife, there is a horrifying segment on one of the tapes of Karla grinning maliciously while sexually assaulting Jane Doe.

5She Goes By Many Names

Leanne Bordelais, Karla Leanne Teale or more commonly, just Leanne Teale, Karla Homolka goes by a couple of different names. It wouldn’t be too shocking if she actually has more names in her arsenal and it would certainly explain how for more than a decade, she has gone pretty much undetected since her release in 2005.

It wasn’t until 2012, that journalist Paula Todd found her living in Guadeloupe under the name Leanne Bordelais with her husband and three children. In particular, Todd had decided to seek her out when she saw rumors online as to how Homolka had turned her life around and was now a teacher at a school. Luckily, the report proved false.

Todd has been quoted saying: “She helped kill the children of three families, including her own, and now she has three dependent kids”.

4She Has Multiple Personalities

Anyone who has spoken with her have all said the same thing, that she adapts her personality to fit the circumstance and it’s also one of her most dangerous traits.

It has already been mentioned that she wasn’t the victim of domestic violence that she cast herself in, but this fact is also flagrantly evident in her prison correspondences. Most of her letters have been sealed away, but there are published excerpts of some that show just how manipulative she can be.

In her correspondences with Veronneau, her same-sex relationship, she used the same juvenile language that she had used with Paul on the tapes, ending letters with “I love you beary, beary much Babylove”.

Yet in a different loving correspondence with a reporter, she wrote: “I was raised to be a good girl and good girl write thank-you letters”, but certainly she wasn’t raised to be a killer?

3She Married Her Lawyer’s Brother

It’s hard to imagine that anyone in their right mind would want to be with one of the worst Canadian female serial killers and yet, her lawyer’s brother Thierry Bordelais apparently does.

When reporters asked Bordelais about his thoughts on his neighbors’ concerns over Homolka living on the outskirts of Montreal, his reply was that: “If they are worried, all they have to do is move”.

He also added: Has anything happened over the past 10 years? So why are they worried? I don’t see why they are worried?

Maybe he should talk to the families of the Homolka’s victims to understand why his neighbors would be worried. His reaction certainly serves to demonstrate Homolka’s manipulative and deceitful personality, especially since many serial killers are able to turn on an endearing and charming version of themselves. One can only imagine the victimized recollection of events that she probably fed him.

2She Killed A Hamster

It’s common knowledge that among the most common traits of serial killers is animal abuse during their childhoods. A rather stereotypical element, but one that does typically ring true with many killers.

With this being said, was Karla Homolka a normal child? The answer is no. Although meek, the signs were there and are vastly more evident when looking back on them now.

It can be easy to dismiss Homolka’s killing of a hamster as just a childhood tragedy, but the circumstances are certainly enough to raise anyone’s eyebrows. In Pron’s Lethal Marriage, he describes how Homolka decided it would be a good idea to fling her friend’s hamster out of a two-story window while attached to a makeshift parachute. The hamster fell to his death, but while her friend was in tears, Homolka found the event fun. Weeks later, Homolka dug him up to examine him.

1She Is Obsessed With Death And More

According to one account, when Karla’s father got drunk, he would call her a “wh*re” and a “sl*t”. On the videotapes, not only does her ex-husband Paul call her by these names, but so does she in reference to herself.

It can be argued that many teens go through a rebellious phase and a fascination with death can be quite ordinary. Karla's childhood friend has even recounted that she once said: “You know what I’d like to do…..? I’d like to put dots all over somebody’s body and take a knife and then play connect the dots and then pour vinegar all over them.”

In grade 12, Karla described to her friends in explicit details the way she lost her virginity, throwing in everything from bondage, to dirty talk, dog collars and even strangulation. Yet that same boy’s recollection of events was actually quite normal.

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