Kat Von D And 19 Other Celeb Moms Who Are More Maternal Than We Thought

Some celebrities (and normal folks, for that matter) can’t seem to wait until the day they start their own family. They’ve been talking about walking down the aisle since they were six and already have their kids’ names and age gaps planned out. These are the type of people who were born for parenthood and there’s no denying they’ll be a great mom or dad when the time comes.

But then there are others who don’t seem so enthusiastic about possibly having children one day. Some people seem to know that parenthood isn’t for them and are adamant that we’ll never see them pushing a stroller around. There are also some people who just seem ambivalent or unsure if they’ll have kids. They’re probably not the most maternal person that comes to mind, so it’s not surprising to hear that they’re still on the fence about kids. Hey, having kids is a huge responsibility, so no one should rush into it if they’re unsure that it’s for them- no judgment there.

The celebrities that made this list all seemed unlikely to start a family at one point. From those who bluntly said they didn’t want kids to others who just seemed too focused on their career, fans might be surprised about which stars have decided to start a family in recent years.

20 Alexis Bledel: Making Rory Proud

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Actress Alexis Bledel has always seemed just as career-focused as her onscreen character Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. She’s always been notoriously private about her personal life, which made fans wonder if she’d ever meet her own Jess IRL and settle down.

Eventually, the star did meet her soul mate in Mad Men actor Vincent Kartheiser. The two met while Alexis was guest starring on the hit show. Barely anyone realized the pair was dating until they announced their engagement in 2013 after a year of dating.

They were wed the following year in 2014 and it didn’t take them long to start their family- Alexis gave birth to their first child, a son, in 2015. Word is still out on what they named their little guy.

19 Snooki: Has Come A Long Way Since The Shore

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi earned herself an infamous reputation during her time on Jersey Shore for her wild antics and party-hard lifestyle. Fans were convinced the reality star would never grow up and would remain a train wreck forever. But fast-forward a decade later and we’re happy to see that Snooki has proven us wrong.

After kissing the hit reality show goodbye, it didn’t take Snooki long to settle down. Snooki welcomed her first child, son Lorenzo, with her then-boyfriend Jionni LaValle in 2012. They welcomed their second child, daughter Giovanna, in 2014, and the couple was married two months later in a lavish Italian ceremony.

This past November, Snooki excitedly revealed that she and her husband are expecting baby no. 3- a little boy!

18 J Woww: Wows Us With Her Parenting Skills

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley was known as Snooki’s BFF on Jersey Shore and the two besties even went to star in their own MTV show together, Snooki and JWoww. Just like with Snooki, there was a time when fans could never imagine JWoww settling down with her wild reputation, but we’ve been happily proven wrong once again.

The celeb welcomed her first child, daughter Meilani, with her longtime partner Roger Mathews in 2014. The couple were married in 2015 and welcomed their second child, a son named Greyson, in 2016. Jenni has shown off just how much she loves motherhood on her and Snooki’s reality show.

Unfortunately, not everything has been a happy ending for Jenni. In September 2018, she filed for divorce from Roger. Reports suggest the couple are in counseling, so perhaps there’s still a chance at saving their marriage.

17 Megan Fox: Like Angelina In More Than One Way

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Since she came onto the Hollywood scene, Megan Fox has been compared to Angelina Jolie for her strikingly similar looks. But appearance isn’t the only thing Megan has in common with the iconic actress: both celebs love being mothers.

Fans were a bit surprised when Megan welcomed her first son, Noah, in 2012 with her longtime partner, Brian Austin Green. The actress was at the height of her career and only 25, so many didn’t think motherhood was on her mind at this stage of life. Likewise, the star never seemed like she wanted to start a family young.

However, it didn’t take Megan long to expand her family even more. Her second son, Bodhi, was born in 2014 and son, Journey, was born in 2016. Megan and Brian have been married since 2010 and she’s also a stepmom to 17-year old Kassius, Brian’s son from a previous relationship.

16 Kylie Jenner: The Most Famous Pregnancy Of The Decade

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Fans couldn’t believe it when rumours began circulating that then-20-year old Kylie Jenner was pregnant with her boyfriend of a few months, Travis Scott. However, the speculation was put to rest when the reality star announced in early 2018 that she had indeed welcomed a baby girl, Stormi.

Kylie was probably the last one of her sisters we expected to have a baby any time soon. Not only was Kylie young and in a new relationship, but she’s been extremely focused on building her career and enjoying life as a 20-something-year-old. Babies just didn’t seem part of the plan yet!

But, sure enough, Kylie seems to have adjusted to her role as a mother exceptionally well. Forbes still predicts she’s on track to become a billionaire this coming year, so it sounds like she’s doing just fine.

15 Heidi Montag: Finally Got Her Miracle Baby

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were once household names thanks to their antics on The Hills. Although their star power seemed to be waning in the last few years, the couple found themselves back in the spotlight when it was announced Heidi was expecting their first child.

The pair had evidently been trying to conceive for a while before Heidi found herself pregnant with their son, Gunner, who she gave birth to in 2017. Many fans were unsure how this infamously fame-hungry couple would adjust to such a big responsibility, but it seems like they love parenthood. They continually update fans on social media about their little one and Heidi has already talked about baby #2.

Heidi and Spencer have confirmed their son will be appearing on The Hills reboot that’s debuting in 2019, so fans can watch these two raise their mini-me right before their eyes.

14 Kat Von D: Considers Herself A Modern Mama

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Tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D has never struck anyone as particularly maternal or traditional. She’s known for her tough attitude, gothic wardrobe, and dark personality, so no one would’ve been surprised if motherhood just wasn’t her thing.

However, the star pleasantly surprised fans in 2018 when she announced her first pregnancy. Kat had married Prayers band member Rafael Reyes in February of 2018 and went on to welcome their son, Leafar, in November. She made headlines for speaking out about her drug-free, natural labour that was assisted by a midwife.

Since becoming a mama, Kat has also made headlines for her controversial parenting style. She’s publicly stated her plans to not vaccinate her son as well as raise him entirely vegan.

13 Mariah Carey: Has Someone To Spoil Other Than Herself

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Mariah Carey earned herself a reputation for being a Diva early into her career. Since motherhood requires a lot of sacrifice on mom’s part, fans never thought there would come a day when Mariah would have someone calling her ‘mommy.’ But nowadays the singer is a busy mom-of-two and seems to be loving every minute of it.

In a whirlwind romance, the star married Nick Cannon in 2008 after less than a year of dating. She gave birth to their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, in 2011. Though the couple divorced in 2014, they seem to be doing a great job at co-parenting together, even going on joint vacations as one big family.

Mariah routinely posts pics of herself and her kids online, proving she loves having two other people to spoil just as much as herself!

12 Ashlee Simpson: Always Thought Jessica Would Be First

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While Jessica Simpson always seemed like she had marriage and babies on her mind, her younger sister, Ashlee, seemed more like a free spirit. When Jess was starring on Newlyweds with her then-husband, Ash was rocking out on stage or making headlines for staying out all night.

That’s why everyone was surprised when Ashlee was the first Simpson sister to have a baby. Ashlee made headlines when she married Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz in a spur-of-the-moment ceremony in 2008. A few weeks after their marriage, it was revealed she was several months pregnant, which explains their rush to the altar. Ashlee gave birth to their son Bronx that same year.

Though things between Ashlee and Pete didn’t work out, it seems like motherhood completely changed her. Ashlee took a step back from the spotlight and her career to focus on her son. She eventually married Evan Ross in 2014 and they welcomed their daughter Jagger in 2015. Nowadays, Ashlee and Evan are trying to pursue a joint-music career.

11 Melissa McCarthy: Making Motherhood Hilarious

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Melissa McCarthy loves making fans laugh when she’s acting on the big screen. So, we can only wonder how hilarious it must be to have her as a mom!

Many fans don’t know that Melissa McCarthy is actually a mother-of-two. She’s been married to her longtime love, Ben Falcone, since 2005 and the couple share two daughters: Vivian was born in 2007 and Georgette was born in 2010.

Melissa was actually pregnant with her first child during the last season of Gilmore Girls, so the writers chose to make her character pregnant, too. Eldest daughter Vivian also played a younger version of her mom in The Boss in 2016.

10 Leighton Meester: Blair Waldorf Is All Grown Up

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Thanks to her on-screen ego Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, many fans had a hard time imagining Leighton Meester as a mama. In our minds, she’ll always be the ruthless, drama-stirring Park Avenue Princess who was always coming up with some ridiculous scheme.

But just like Blair eventually had her own family on the show, Leighton has also settled down. Fans were ecstatic when the celeb began dating Adam Brody, who starred in the equally loved teen drama The OC. It was a match made in soap opera heaven that Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen were dating.

The couple was married in 2014 after meeting in 2010, and they welcomed their first child, daughter Arlo, in 2015. Unlike Blair, Leighton is very private online and in-person when it comes to her family, which explains why there’ve barely been any pics of Arlo published.

9 Eva Mendes: Finally Met Her Match

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Eva Mendes is another actress that never seemed in a rush to settle down. She’s always been notoriously private about her personal life and always devoted to her career.

But things all changed for the star when she met her match in Ryan Gosling on the set of The Place Beyond the Pines in 2011. After only a few years of dating, the couple became parents twice-over: Eva gave birth to daughters Esmeralda in 2014 and Amada Lee in 2016.

Since becoming parents, the couple has been very hush-hush about their family, refusing to post pictures of their girls or discuss them in interviews. The only photos online of the cute family are those taken secretly by paparazzi.

8 Pink: The Kids Saved Her Marriage

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Singer Pink has earned herself a reputation for being a tough gal, thanks to her punk-rock sound and edgy way of dressing. She’s not the most conventional celebrity, so fans were never sure if motherhood was in the cards for Pink.

It looked especially unlikely the celeb would have kids when she was in the middle of her divorce to motocross racer Carey Hart in 2008. Fans truly thought these lovers had called it quits until they surprised everyone when they announced their reconciliation in 2010, after seeking counselling. It also seemed to help that Pink announced her first pregnancy the same year.

The couple’s daughter Willow was born in 2010, and they went on to welcome a son, Jameson Moon, in 2016. Pink has since said that having children saved her marriage.

7 Kelly Clarkson: No More Break-Up Anthems

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This girl sure isn’t singing any more songs about breakups!

Kelly Clarkson made a career on writing hit songs about her break-ups and exes. Given all of her heartbreak, there came a point where it seemed Kelly would never get the happily ever after she seemed so desperate to find. But in what seemed like a whirlwind romance, Kelly not only found herself to be a wife but also a mom.

The singer announced her marriage to talent manager Brandon Blackstock in 2013, after a year of dating (he happens to be the former stepson of Reba McEntire). Just as quickly as they got married they also got pregnant: Kelly gave birth to their daughter River in 2014 and their son Remy in 2016. Kelly is also a stepmom to Brandon’s son and daughter from his first marriage.

6 Donatella Versace: Growing Up In High Fashion

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Donatella Versace had made headlines for her complicated family, extensive cosmetic work, and fashion-forward designs. But one thing the celeb is less known for her is her role as a mother.

Given the star’s controversial opinions on beauty (she once said she believes women should not age naturally!), it’s hard to imagine her in a maternal role. But the iconic designer is actually a mother-of-two.

She and her ex-husband, model Paul Beck, have two children: daughter Allegra (born in 1986) and son Daniel (born in 1989). Her daughter Allegra very publicly battled an eating disorder during her teens and early adulthood.

5 Scarlett Johansson: Is Unsure About Monogamy

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Scarlett Johansson is by no means a traditional woman. After the end of her marriage to Ryan Reynolds, the star spoke out about how she’s not sure she believes in monogamy, which led many fans to question whether she wanted a traditional family or not (and perhaps that was the reason for her and Ryan’s split).

Eventually, Scarlett did try her hand at having a nuclear family. The actress began dating Romain Dauriac in 2012 and they were engaged within the year. She gave birth to their only child, daughter Rose, in 2014, the same year that they were married.

Eventually, however, Scarlett and Romain filed for divorce in 2017. The celeb hinted that their conflicting schedules may have been to blame.

4 Beyonce: Too Busy Running The World

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Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were together for well over a decade before welcoming their first child. So, for a long time, it seemed like motherhood was just never on the celebrity’s radar, leading us to question whether it was in the cards for her or not.

The singer eventually welcomed her first child, daughter Blue Ivy, in 2012. She later revealed she’d struggled to conceive up until that point and had even experienced a miscarriage sometime between 2010-2011.

It wasn’t until 2017 that the couple became parents again when Beyonce gave birth to their twins Rumi and Sir. Fans at this point weren’t sure if they were ever going to have more kids, after rumours of Jay-Z’s unfaithfulness as well as Beyonce’s fertility struggles.

3 Sandra Bullock: Proved She Didn't Need A Man

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Sandra Bullock seemed like she was on top of the world when she accepted the Oscar for The Blind Side in 2009 and gave a heartfelt speech thanking her then-husband Jesse James for his support. Rumours at the time also suggested the couple were in the process of adopting, so it seemed like everything was falling together perfectly in the actress’ life.

However, literally the next day, Jesse’s unfaithfulness was revealed by the media. It didn’t take Sandra long to file for divorce, which led many fans to wonder if she’d ever get her chance at motherhood.

Nonetheless, Sandra proved she didn’t need a man to become a mother. The actress continued on with the adoption process and, by 2010, she became a mother to a little boy named Louis. Sandra adopted once more in 2010, this time a 3-year old girl, to give her son a sister.

2 Keira Knightley: Now She's A Parenting Advocate

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Keira Knightley is another celebrity who never seemed set on settling down and starting a family. She’s enjoyed a successful career in the spotlight and seemed more than happy just enjoying her success.

But the actress proved that everything can change when you meet the right person. The star met James Righton of the band The Klaxons in 2011, and they were married in 2013. They went on to welcome their daughter (whose name has still not been released) in 2015.

Since becoming a mom, Keira has become a passionate advocate for equal paternity leave. She’s spoken again about the outlandish prices of childcare in England and has said she can’t imagine the position families are in if they cannot afford childcare.

1 Zooey Deschanel: Swore Kids Weren't For Her

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This is one celeb we certainly thought would never be a mama! For years, New Girl star Zooey Deschanel swore in interviews that she could never see herself with kids and motherhood just wasn’t for her. Many fans praised her for challenging the stereotype that every woman wants children.

However, the celeb was eating her own words in 2015 when she announced that she was expecting. She and film producer Jacob Pechenik married that same year, only a month before their daughter Elsie Otter was born. Their son, Charlie Wolf, was born two years later in 2017.

While many fans have been excited for the celeb, there are others who feel disappointed that Zooey was so staunchly against kids just to surprise the world and have them anyways without any explanation.

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