Kate Hudson Faces Backlash For Not Wanting To Marry Baby Daddy "Anytime Soon"

Even though Kate Hudson is the kind of person who likes to mind her own business and doesn’t really comment on other people and their own, she certainly gets a lot of criticism from online trolls. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood actress has managed to spark online debate for not wanting to marry her baby’s father anytime soon.

According to Café Mom, the blonde beauty recently admitted that even though she and her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa welcomed their child almost a year ago, neither of them have wedding bells going off in their heads. In fact, Hudson said that she isn't even thinking about getting married- prompting some of her fans to call her out on this decision.

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The mother of three said in a recent interview that after having experienced one wedding, she realized just how much work it is and doesn’t have any desire to go through such a thing again. Hudson was married to rock star Chris Robinson from 2000 until 2007, and they share a 15-year-old son named Ryder. She then went on to have a relationship with Matthew Bellamy from 2010 to 2014, and they had eight-year-old son Bingham together. Ever since then, she’s been with Danny Fujikawa for the last two years. Fujikawa is the father of 11-month-old Rani Rose.

Seeing how she has three children from three different partners, some of her fans and critics think that Hudson would be doing herself and her children a huge favor by tying the knot. That way, she would be able to give them some stability by making things official with Fujikawa. Even though Hudson doesn’t see it this same way, some online trolls made it their business. She has received some hurtful comments on social media such as, “Three kids, three dads,” along with, “So when is the fourth man and the fourth child going to come into the picture?”

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Thankfully, there have been some people who have defended Hudson and her lifestyle choices- even though they really shouldn’t be up for debate. Many have pointed out that Hudson was indeed married for seven years, and that it clearly didn’t work out for her.

As for the actress' thoughts on the matter, Hudson has not made any comments about the criticism. Whether she does or not has yet to be seen. But even if she doesn't, there will still be other people coming to her defense in the meantime.

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