Kate Hudson Wishes She Was A "Milk Machine"

Kate Hudson recently shared her challenges with breastfeeding and wished that she was a "milk machine."

Breastfeeding is a challenge. People fight about whether or not breast is best, but they don't fully understand all of the hardships of breastfeeding. Many moms don't have the opportunity to breastfeed due to a myriad of complications. Those mothers who do breastfeed still have their challenges and tribulations. Some mothers get bloody nipples, many mothers deal with infections (such as Mastitis, or Thrush) and some mothers don't produce a lot and so they have to pump like crazy to keep up their milk supply or supplement with formula.

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Kate Hudson is the ultimate working mother. She just gave birth to her third baby in October and she has recently started going back to work as the ambassador for WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) and she has been having to find the right balance between home and work. Sometimes we forget that celebrities aren't "people" but then we get stories that help us remember they have the same types of struggles.

Hudson said that she struggles with breastfeeding her child and that she doesn't make enough milk unless she pumps as well. She has to pump a lot to be able to make enough milk to be able to feed her child. Kate said that she has a friend who is a "milk machine" and doesn't need to pump to increase her milk supply. Kate said that she wishes that she was a "milk machine" so that she wouldn't have to be stressed out about not being able to feed her baby.

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Many mothers completely relate to Kate Hudson's struggles with breastfeeding, pumping, and being a working mother. It is hard to work, take care of children and find time to pump so that your milk doesn't dry up. Kate said that she is always "pump ready" and is constantly bringing her bag around in case she needs to pump while she is out and about. Mother's lives are full of trying to figure out how to wear all of the hats. Mothers are wearing the mother hat, working hat, chef hat, maid hat, counseling hat and what seems like a hundred other. It gets overwhelming, but we are doing it all because our little babies are totally worth the stress! Keep pumping ladies, you are doing awesome!

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