Kate Hudson Uses A "Belly Mask"

Kate Hudson used a belly mask to pamper herself as she enjoys her third pregnancy.

The actress took to Instagram to show off what will likely become a new trend in pregnancy pampering. Hudson showcased a sheet mask placed over her growing baby bump.

“Belly mask. Feels amazing!” she captioned the story as she laid comfortably, while panning the camera up and down. The soon-to-be mom of three did not say a word during the video but the happy look on her face showed exactly how she was feeling at that moment.

Via Kate Hudson Instagram

The wonder product is made by Hatch Mama and is very reasonably priced at $12. It is described as an all-natural hydrating treatment that was made for pregnant bellies to help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum. With a description like that it is no wonder the actress is thrilled to be trying it out. Other moms agree because the product has gotten rave reviews on the company’s website.

Despite being absent for a while on social media before announcing her pregnancy, the 36-year-old starlet has been all about sharing this new journey that she is on. In April, Hudson along with her baby daddy Danny Fujikawa and her two sons Bingham Hawn age 6½, and Ryder Russell age 14, all popped balloons revealing she was having a baby girl. It was a baby announcement, along with a gender reveal all rolled up in one amazing post.

The Mother’s Day star was overjoyed with the news she would no longer be the only female in her family. Although she has not revealed her due date, Hudson is in her second trimester, which means her daughter should arrive some time in the early fall.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Kate Hudson has been happily sharing her pregnancy on social media. Her latest post is for all those mamas-to-be out there. It is a belly mask  that will not only make you feel amazing but it will help with some of those nasty stretch marks women can get.

Would/did you try a belly mask when you are/were pregnant? Let us know in the comments!


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