Kate Hudson Becomes WeightWatchers Ambassador After Expressing A Desire To Lose Her Baby Weight

Less than a month after taking to Instagram to candidly share a makeup-free selfie and her plans to drop the baby weight in time for her Spring 2019 filming obligations, Kate Hudson has officially been named WeightWatcher's newest ambassador.

Hudson, who gave birth to daughter Rani Rose this past October, admitted that she was ready to focus on herself after finally settling into a routine with her baby girl. Rani is her first child with musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. She also has two older sons from previous relationships - Bingham, seven, and Ryder, 14. (Bingham's dad is Muse's Matt Bellamy and Ryder's dad is The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.)

WeightWatchers, along with its arguably most famous brand ambassador ever, Oprah Winfrey, quickly took notice and it didn't take long for them to invite Hudson on board. Last week, the busy mom-of-three shared a FaceTime chat with Winfrey where the two discussed the merits of the program and why Hudson is excited to become the newest face of the brand.

"Well Oprah, my 'why' is really my kids, and my family, and longevity and wanting to be here as long as I can," she said. "It's really about the holistic approach to wellness."

She couldn't help but fangirl out a little as well. Towards the end of the call, Hudson had a hard time holding back her excitement - not just because of the news of the partnership, but also because she was speaking to the Queen of Daytime herself.

"I'm just happy we're on this FaceTime together," Hudson gushed. "I love you!"

As an ambassador, Hudson will work alongside Winfrey promoting the brand's "For Every Body" campaign. For her part, Hudson will share her wellness journey and encourage others to do the same by opening up about their own individual health goals.

"I really believe in the company's mission to make health and wellness accessible for all," Hudson stated in a press release. "The aspect I love most about WW is the community because I know that community is so essential to wellness. To have people you can connect and relate to, as well as people who inspire you, is so important when you're focused on living your best life."

Not everyone is as excited as Hudson and Winfrey are about the partnership, however. Critics were quick to voice their concerns about the company's choice of ambassador, with some stating that Hudson is not relatable.

"We need positive role models who have walked in our shoes, not perky, thin actresses with an exercise clothing line or fit boxers who don't look like they ever struggled with weight," said one Facebook user. Others echoed this sentiment, arguing that it seems convenient that Hudson also has her own athletic-wear brand that could easily be promoted at the same time.

But many supported WeightWatchers and their decision to bring the Almost Famous actress on board.

"She just had a baby," wrote another user. "Maybe she's trying to make sure she stays healthy and strong for her little one. I love the program! It works."

Either way, it looks like Hudson will be around for a long time. She is reported to have signed a multi-year contract with the company. Her "For Every Body" campaign will launch globally on December 26th.

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