Kate Middleton: 15 Times The Public Tore Her To Shreds

Royal Kate is well loved by the people, but like anything else, there will always be critics out there ready to point fingers when she's not being the perfect princess. Sometimes we forget the royals are people.

They're placed on this gigantic pedestal and we expect them to not only look their best at all times but also, we expect them to never make mistakes. Will and Kate are very candid about their parenting style and how they keep things very normal for the mini royals. I think Will and Kate might be the most down to earth royals in their lineage, and yet, I guess people expect more.

By now everyone knows that Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number 3 and while some are cheering in the streets, there are already others out there making their remarks about three being too many or rolling their eyes at her morning sickness.

I personally would just rather watch her maternity style, because it’s always on point! Even as perfect as Kate appears, there are still 15 people on today’s list that found a way to mom shame her. From her parenting, to her choices, and even her past, it seems that there’s always someone who wants to rain on the royals parade!

15 She's Faking It

Poor Kate always seems to be criticized for her morning sickness. Now that it's her third bout of severe morning sickness, it seems she has more critics than ever before! Luckily there are those who will come to her aid and challenge those who dare bash a momma when she's down. Like this fellow Kate fan who pointed out that most of her critics are probably people who've never even experienced morning sickness!

Who would want to fake morning sickness anyway? It’s not exactly a glamourous lie for the royal to want to put out there. Some are saying it's a way to avoid her public duties or to hide her weight gain, but I'm pretty certain it's just that early pregnancy can be nauseating! Plus, Kate has actually been diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is way worse than regular morning sickness. I guess royals aren’t allowed to puke?

14 She Chooses Dangerous Hobbies

The royal family has so many options when it comes to extracurriculars for their children and there are definitely some rather expensive sports that we would expect them to take up at some point in their lives. Fencing has been a sport for those who bleed blue blood for ages and horseback riding has always been seen as a royal must. The criticism that has been voiced in the media is not what the royals choose as an activity, but rather calling into question when is an appropriate age for that activity.

Will and Kate have already mentioned that little Charlotte has begun riding horses and that George is now taking fencing lessons. The public was a little shocked to hear that Kate would allow her young children to participate in such dangerous sports; they gather it’s too soon!

13 She's Too Lazy To Be Royal

Kate looks absolutely stunning on the cover of British Vogue Magazine, yet there are those that would say this was a bit too "common" for the Duchess of Cambridge. It's typical for a royal to sit for a painting, but pose for a cover? Well, that's just not very royal. Aside from that, people saw it as glamorizing someone who hasn't really done a lot with their title and education. Some have gone as far to say that they'd prefer a model on the cover, as they are working in a competitive business and have earned the cover. This cover left many scratching their heads about what Kate has actually done besides look amazing and produce heirs. This just goes to show there's no pleasing everyone, or anyone, when you're a royal.

12 She's Too Strict With Her Kids

During her sister Pippa's wedding, there were several photos snapped of Kate scolding George, causing him to cry. This didn't sit well with the public who thought it a bit harsh to scold the little Prince who simply looked like he was trying to have a bit of fun. I think Kate was just trying to keep everyone in line so that nothing would spoil or take attention away from her sister's big day, but unfortunately it seemed a day for shaking fingers at Kate and her parenting choices. The photos certainly tell a tale of one sad little toddler, but perhaps there was more to it. Who knows what George was up to when the cameras weren't rolling? Even though there are many smiling photos of George during his auntie's wedding, it seems these are the photos that people focus on.

11 She'll Abandon The Kids For A Vacay

Kate has certainly been called a "bad mother" more than once in the media, but there was definitely a lot of backlash after people caught wind of Will and Kate vacationing and leaving Prince George behind. The couple decided to leave their 8 month old with Grandpa and Grandma Middleton while they went away for a week, lounging in paradise. Now if anything, tired parents are certainly jealous of their ability to do so; I know I am! And those who perhaps wished it were them, were simply outraged, stating “How could she leave her baby?” Well, firstly, we don’t really know the circumstances, and secondly, it’s their call. This never-ending war of mommy shaming seems exhausting when we’re all in the same boat anyway. If someone offered to watch your kids for a week or even a weekend away, you'd have to admit it would be tempting.

10 She's No Diana

Kate Middleton will forever be compared to the late Princess Diana. Diana was so well loved by the people as are her two boys Will and Harry; they can do no wrong. But Kate on the other hand has some rather elegant shoes to fill and the people expect it! There's no question that Kate has phenomenal taste when it comes to fashion, but one misstep and people are talking up a storm about how the princess's look didn't live up to Diana's standards! Say what you will, but people will always expect the royals to look 100% perfect every time they step out in public.

Unfortunately the dress in the photo above failed to impress this one tweeter as well as a slew of others who decided to chalk this look up to a complete disaster. Hey, I say if she manages to somehow keep they baby barf off, she's already winning!

9 She's Not Safe With Her Kids

During Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews all eyes seemed to be on Kate and her kiddos instead of the stunning ceremony and lovely couple. This one picture taken during the day sparked much debate and also had many calling the Duchess of Cambridge a "bad mom." In the photo, you can see Prince George standing in a moving car. Not only is he not in the appropriate car seat, but he's not sitting at all. And when it comes to safety, the media and other parents are all over it. Kate was mom shamed nonstop in the tabloids even weeks after the wedding for this lapse of judgment. Upon further inspection, the photo also shows that no one in the car is wearing a seatbelt at all. The public didn’t find it at all comforting that the car was driving very slowly on a private road, with some stating it was “an accident waiting to happen.”

8 She Has Gross Moves

I wouldn't say this move is gross for anyone who has had to hold a teething baby in their arms; I actually think many moms would find it quite necessary. During an outing to the zoo with Will and little George, the media caught a glimpse of Kate wiping George's drooly mouth with her bare hands. Oh my! I know some of you are thinking, what's the big deal with that? You've done it plenty of times when you didn't have a bib or tissue handy. Kate did what any other mom would naturally do in that situation and guess where the drool went? Yup, she discretely wiped it on her dress. Maybe some see that as nasty and poor manners, but it only makes me like her more for being so down to earth.

7 She'll Scold In Public

It's been mentioned absolutely anytime Kate has "parented" her children that she seems to be a bit too rough on the kids. Just because they're royal doesn't mean they're off the hook for naughty behavior and I applaud her for doing what she needs to in order to keep her kids grounded. There was one article published around the time Prince George had started preschool where the magazine had captured Kate publicly scolding Prince George about something after picking him up.

This sparked a slew of magazine covers calling Kate a bad mom and questioning her parenting ability. It seems a bit harsh to question someone’s parenting simply because it doesn’t reflect your own parenting style. Every mom parents differently and it’s not like Kate spanked George - that would be a whole other kerfuffle if she did!

6 She's Raising Spoiled Brats

It's fairly predictable that the public would eventually call to attention their concern about the little royals turning into spoiled little children and therefore spoiled adults. Everyone knows the royals have many perks that come with the titles they hold, and that the Prince and Princess would never want for anything. When stories began circulating about George being a "royal terror" and having tantrums, people began to speculate that Will and Kate were a bit too lax on their parenting roles.

(Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie)

Some even went as far as calling the royal parents “lazy” and hoping that they would set boundaries for their children so that they don’t continue along their spoiled path. There were reports of George taking toys from other children, throwing things and slamming doors - all things many toddlers do, with or without royal lineage.

5 She Has Too Many Kids

As if it's not enough to be suffering from severe morning sickness and dealing with that, Princess Kate is already under scrutiny for having a third child! It seems odd that anyone would have an opinion about how many children Kate was planning to have, but apparently they do, the family planning groups being one of them! A Family Planning Group in the US urged Will and Kate not to have any more babies; they even wrote them an open letter stating why smaller families are preferred. One of their arguments was that Will and Kate were role models and that they would set the precedence for family size. This group worried that if families grew too large it would affect climate change even further. They begged that people should plan smaller families that can thrive in their current environment.

4 She Should Get A Job

(Photo by Neil Hall - WPA Pool)

It's a known fact that Kate Middleton comes from a long line of hardworking folks. Her parents are a prime example of that. They are very successful business owners and they expected their daughters to go on and be very successful as well. Even though Kate is very accomplished with a university degree and everything, people still feel she isn't meeting her full potential as a royal.

The media has criticized her for being a glorified stay at home mom, which rubs people the wrong way since she's actually quite intelligent. There are those that would defend Kate, stating that royal duties keep her busy enough. But those who aren’t Princess Katie fans feel she’s not being the best example for women around the world, some even nicknaming her “Lazie Katie!” Ouch!

3 She's A Bad Example For Postpartum Mums

After having Prince George, Kate Middleton had the media screeching with judgement for all the wrong reasons. Instead of praising this mom for how wonderful she looked post-baby, they felt it appropriate to attack her for being “too thin” after having a baby. Some magazines even claimed that Kate was starving herself just to look good again so soon! The photo above was taken only six weeks after having Prince George. This didn’t spark much applause. Instead the media wanted to figure out how she did it; what’s her secret? What they found was that Kate had a personal trainer she used throughout the pregnancy and after and that her diet consisted of high protein meals. Although she lost the weight in a healthy way, the media found that she was setting a bad example for post-partum moms who don’t shed the weight that fast, hence making them feel that Kate was the “norm.”

2 She Never Shows Any PDA

You don't often see much more than smiling glances and hand holding from this royal couple, unless of course you look back at younger photos of them where they seemed a lot more touchy feely or a snap of the royal smooch heard round the world on their wedding day. It certainly is rare to see the couple embracing or sharing a smooch and perhaps it has a little something to do with the cameras always being in their face. But people still tend to judge. Where's the love?

Rumors spread that Will and Kate limit the PDA in order to be better examples for their children, but I can't imagine they'd be all over each other in public even without the kiddos around. As public ambassadors, I'm sure it just feels weird with people constantly watching!

1 She Is An Evil Witch

This Facebook Group has a rather hilarious name and some even funnier photoshopping. It just goes to show that you can't be a public figure without garnering a bit of mockery, so I say, take it in stride! Kate Middleton is an Evil Witch is actually a group that reports royal gossip and their focus is on their imperfections rather than their accomplishments. Kate seems so perfect that people wonder if it’s all an act, which is why a group like this probably exists, building on that theory. There's plenty of silly photos of Princess Kate looking awful in this Facebook Group, much like the meme worthy Beyoncé faces from Super Bowl XLVII. I’ll be honest, it’s a little refreshing seeing Kate look so normal. We’re so used to the magazine ready Duchess of Cambridge that we forget that she’s a real person. Sure, she has a public persona, but I gather she’s pretty down to earth compared to many former royals.

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