Kate Middleton Makes One Last Sporty Outing Before Baby

It's official. The Duchess of Cambridge is now in seclusion. The next time you see her, she'll be showing off what we hope will be a little pink masterpiece that the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and heck - the rest of the world - will cheer on.

As of right now, the Brits and unrepentant monarchists everywhere are in full baby-mania mode.

Royal watchers got a chance to see the Duchess, or Kate Middleton to the rest of you commoners out there, in her final appearance on Thursday with husband Prince William (aka the Duke of Cambridge, or more succinctly, the future King) at Stratford's Chobham Academy before hitting a Team SportAid affair at the Copper Box Arena. As Kate watched on the sidelines, rocking it in a coat designed by Goat, she rejoiced when Prince William manned a wheelchair for a game of basketball with paralympian athletes and even managed to swoosh one through the netting.

What will happen behind the walls of Kensington Palace is a matter of speculation. With one month left in her pregnancy, Kate will be getting plenty of rest as she shares downtime with the rest of the family, namely son George and daughter Charlotte. According to one source, the siblings have turned into real handy helpers in the kitchen, especially when they get down and dirty while making pizza dough.

Beside that comfort food, Kate is ensuring that the brood gets a decent diet from primarily organic fruits and vegetables and has been consulting with sister Pippa, who's boned up on the subject matter for some time.

In the meantime, royal watchers will be deprived for about a month of their regular Katy-baby-bump fix, now that she's completed her public duties for mat-leave. But fans were spoiled with the number of appearances she's made before the self-imposed hibernation. In March, she paid a visit to Pegasus Primary School, watched an Irish Guards parade on St. Patrick's Day, and showed up at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day. In all, she managed to pack in 38 public appointments before taking her scheduled time off.

For fans enduring the roughly four weeks that Kate is taking off, the baby's arrival can't happen soon enough.




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