Kate Middleton & Prince William Have Multiple Names For Baby

It's almost a month away from the Duchess of Cambridge having her forthcoming child signed, sealed, and delivered to the fawning masses of monarchists. And although the gender of the newborn is still unknown, at least the Duchess and hubby Prince William have bases covered when it comes to naming the new arrival.

Granted, what the royal couple will name their next child (or children, since rumors are also rampant that the Duchess, aka Kate Middleton, might even be expecting twins) is a matter of speculation. What is already known is the date range of the expected birth, roughly the fourth week of April, and the location of the high profile mother. She's already booked for a bed in London's Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Paddington Hospital, where Kate's other children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were also born.

But royal-watching insiders have been pouring over the possibilities in the moniker department, and have emphasized that family history will play a large part in William and Kate's decision. It's reportedly been narrowed down to a handful of possibilities for each gender.


If it's a boy, one name that keeps cropping up is James, since at least eight monarchs in the royal Brit hierarchy used that name. It also ranked heavily as a choice when Kate was carrying George. Philip also ranks high, given that it's also the name of the Duke of Edinburgh, who happens to be married to Queen Elizabeth II and is Harry's grandfather. Then there's Albert, the current queen's great-great-grandfather, and Arthur, which is among the middle names of both William and his father, Prince Charles. Presumably further down the list are Frederick, who ruled the UK in the first half of the 18th century, and Henry, the formal first name of William's brother Harry.

Girl name choices are far more numerous, with Elizabeth at the top, as a tribute to William's famous grandmother, followed by Alexandra and Mary, which are the Queen's middle names.

Further down on the list is Alice, in tribute to Queen Victoria and Price Albert's daughter, who was an early women's rights advocate; as well as Victoria, who was the second longest reigning monarch in he UK (after Queen Elizabeth II).

Scuttlebutt has surfaced that Diana, Prince William's much-documented and scandal-ridden mother, is a dark horse contender, which may not go over well with the Queen and staunch higher-ups at Buckingham Palace. Rumored to be a Plan B, is Frances, Diana's middle name.

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