Kate Middleton Has A Beautiful Reunion With Midwife

Kate Middleton has an emotional run-in with the midwife who helped deliver Princess Charlotte!

Kate Middleton, who is currently in her third trimester with her third child with hubby Prince William, recently visited the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) this past Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018.

The mother of two, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, attended the RCOG to learn more about the college’s global health programs that are set in place to reduce maternal and newborn mortality worldwide. Over the course of the event, Middleton shared an emotional moment with the midwife who helped Kate give birth to second child, daughter Princess Charlotte.


The royal mom embraced Professor Dunkley-Bent, who assisted the delivery in May of 2015 at St. Mary’s Hospital in England. The heart-warming moment has us all feeling the love, however Dunkley-Bent particularly couldn’t hide her excitement as she and Middleton greeted one another.

Kate, who is expecting this April, was also announced as the new patron of the RCOG. The president of the college said in a statement that he was “absolutely thrilled” for the Princess to be coming on board and joining the team.

As Middleton left, she thanked the president and stated, “it was so great to see Jacqui, as well.” When Dunkley-Bent, who is the Head of Maternity, Child, & Young People at NHS England, told People, “It was a surprise and an absolute pleasure to be reunited with Kate again today. Supporting families at the birth of their baby – including future kings and queen – is hugely rewarding.” We’re sure it is!


Kate has been very involved in maternal matters. Last year she opened up about the realities of motherhood in a speech that was incredibly moving. While Kate mentioned being a parent is “rewarding and wonderful,” she also admitted that even she has difficult moments.

This all goes to show that even mothers of royal families don’t have it all that easy. We’re glad to see Kate out and about as she prepares for her delivery next month, and wish her and Prince William nothing but the best.

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