Kate Middleton Shares Her Parenting Tips

Kate Middleton shares her five parenting tips to help everybody become better parents!

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Kate Middleton never ceases to amaze us! She is beautiful, always poised, and she is raising adorable children. We are constantly wondering how she is able to balance all of her duties as royalty and raising three young children. Kate Middleton shared that she struggles with being a mother. She has even had the same struggle that most mothers deal with. She shared recently that her biggest struggle as a mother is feeling lonely. The feeling of loneliness is very common among mothers. Although we don't want her to feel lonely, it was nice to hear that she is a mother just like us!

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Kate Middleton continues to show us that she is one of the best mothers in the world and we could learn so much from her and her parenting style. She decided to share with us some of her parenting tips that have helped her raise her little ones. If we were able to take these tips into our own homes then we will be able to raise better humans. Here we learn her five parenting tips.


The first, "get on the child's level." Time and time again we see Kate Middleton get down to talk to her children. She leans down to be able to speak to them in their eyes. Speaking to your child eye-to-eye helps them feel empowered and that they have some control in the situation. This tactic helps the children to learn that they mean something in the family and that they have a role in their home. Second, "spend time outside." In this day we have so many forms of technology that make it so that parents sometimes don't have to parent at all! It is important to make sure children are growing up outside and spending time with nature! Third, "it's normal to struggle." Most parents don't like to share their struggles, because they want other moms to think that they have everything figured out. However, most moms struggle and that is okay. Struggling is completely normal and even if people aren't showing it, they are struggling too! Fourth, "set boundaries with your in-laws." It is important that you set boundaries so that you are parenting the way that YOU want to parent instead of how somebody else wants you to parent. And fifth, "make it a point to protect your kid's privacy." You might think that this only has to do with celebrities. So many parents are posting pictures of their their kids naked, or getting potty trained. It is so important to not share these things on social media. You kids deserve to keep their privacy.

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We are continually learning from Kate Middleton and we are excited to continue watching her children grow!

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