The Thing Kate Middleton Struggles The Most About Motherhood

Kate Middleton struggles with a very common issue that most mothers are very familiar.

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Being a mother is very hard. It is hard on your physical and emotional health. Mom's run on very little sleep, work really hard, and get very little recognition. We fight through all of the trials, because we love those little people of ours so much that we would do anything for them. When we look at celebrities, especially royalty, we sometimes forget that they deal with some of the same issues as we do. We think that they have all of the help in the world, so how could they possibly deal with our struggles?

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Kate Middleton comes out and gets real about her struggles with being a mother and it seems that her difficulty is the same as most moms. She said that her biggest struggle as a mother is being lonely. She said that before the baby turns one she receives a lot more help and support, but then as the baby gets older her support begins to fade. She even admits to feeling lonely even though she knows she gets more help than most other mothers.

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Kate explains that motherhood has been a huge struggle for her and she understands that most mothers probably struggle more than she does, because they don't have the same type of support as she does with her children. She decided that she wanted to start helping other mothers with their challenges that they might struggle with during their parenting journey. She helped launch a program called Family Action organization. The program helps parents with their struggles and challenges that they might face living in poverty. The aim of the program is to help support parents with their questions regarding parenting, financial and emotional issues.

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It is very important for parents to have support to help them through the parenting journey. Motherhood can be very lonely. Many days are spent inside with a very angry boss who demands the world. It can be lonely if you don't have the support that you may need. One of the biggest pieces of advice that Kate can give to new mothers is to find a tribe that can support you!

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