Kate Middleton's Stylist And Photographer Have Had Their First Child Together

Evidently, if you're working in the inner circles of royalty, sooner or later you'll be creating headlines of your own. A few tabloids have already unearthed one auspicious nugget involving Kate Middleton's photographer Chris Jackson, who announced he has a son.

And the mother? Well, that person happens to be Natasha Archer, who also happens to be Middleton's stylist. In fact, she's so close to the Duchess of Cambridge, Archer's earned the nickname Tash from her as well as others in that exclusive royal circle. And because of that association with the upper crust, it's her turn under the spotlight, triggered by what her husband did on social media.

On Thursday, Jackson — who's been married to Archer for more than a year — posted an Instagram shot of his wife and their newborn son in true Yuletide fashion, right in front of a fully-decorated tree. He also documented his thoughts on his other half and new arrival by declaring how proud he was of the two as well as declaring that the image he snapped was the best one he ever took. That's a pretty lofty remark, considering Jackson works for Getty Images as the company's official photographer covering British royalty icons.


As for Archer, she's been glamming up Kate for a while to earn respect and what's turned out to be a very close friendship. She's the one who selects outfits for Middleton to wear during public appearances and even picked out the apparel for the mom of three to wear after giving birth. Thanks to Archer, Kate was at her photogenic best when she appeared outside St. Mary's Hospital for her first public showing after welcoming Louis into the world.

Chances are, both Archer and Jackson are taking their latest surge into fame in stride, due to their association with the Royals. Jackson's long been accustomed to capturing priceless images of the latest generation of regal Brit folks, including memorable shutter clicks of Princess Charlotte and Prince George, whose 2017 official birthday portrait was also created by the photographer. And no doubt Archer got plenty of advice from Kate about how to handle the pandemonium generated by avid royal watchers.

However, that fame will be fleeting, now that attention's now diverting to the spring arrival of a newborn shared between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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