Kate Plus Eight: 15 Ways Collin Is Treated Differently (And 5 That Are The Same)

The Gosselin family has been in the spotlight since 2007 when their hit reality TV show Jon & Kate Plus Eight aired for the first time. Jon and Kate Gosselin, who were parents of twin girls at the time, found out they were pregnant with sextuplets. This meant the addition of these babies was going to bring their total number of family members up to 10. TLC aired the show, introducing the family of 10 and the ups and downs of raising six brand new babies along with two toddlers.

Eventually, Jon and Kate got divorced, and this was hard on the kids, especially Collin, who seemingly, was the family outcast. He hasn’t been seen in public or any family pictures since 2016, and this has raised some significant questions. Kate has not opened up about this, only enough to quickly say he is doing better where he is, and that is where he needs to be to succeed. But this doesn’t answer any of our questions. Collin has been missing from the Gosselin home for a few years now, and fans are beginning to wonder if the 14-year-old is ever going to come home or appear in public again.

20 He Was Expelled From School As A Toddler

It is always embarrassing for a parent when a child gets into public trouble. For Kate Gosselin, two of her kids were expelled as toddlers. According to the Huffington Post, the school felt as though it could no longer meet the needs of Collin and Alexis. It was hinted that the divorce was affecting the kids more than Kate cared to admit at this time, which was the reason for them acting out as they were. It’s interesting that Collin and Alexis are the two that had the most problem with the divorce and also happen to be the two that aren’t in any of Kate’s family pictures.

19 He Eats & Sleeps Apart From Everyone Else

Kate revealed to Hollywood Life that Collin’s special needs have affected everyone in the family, not just him and her. The other Gosselin children have noticed that he has needed much more attention. While Collin was still at home, he reportedly required separate everything–different schooling, therapy, and even his room.

She believes that sending Collin away was best for him to get the help he needs without taking the attention away from the rest of his brothers and sisters. The Gosselin children struggle every day with how their lives turned out after the divorce, and they all need a little help sometimes.

18 Kate Gets Angrier At Him

It has been reported on several occasions that one of the reasons Collin was sent away is because he had severe anger issues that he takes out frequently on his mother. According to Radar Online, since the divorce Collin has started to resent her which fuels his anger.

Kate can’t help but respond to his temper with her anger; she admits that she often lashes out right back at him even though she knows she shouldn’t. She reveals that she holds a lot of pain in her heart for what is going on with Collin right now and sometimes that comes out in anger.

17 The Divorce Affected Him A Lot More Than The Others

Kate believes that Collin’s issues have gotten as out of control as they have specifically because of her divorce. She admits to Hollywood Life that he challenged her since he could walk and talk, but things seemed to escalate when his dad was no longer around. Fans can’t help but think that maybe this means he needs more time with his father instead of leaving his family altogether.

Kate is worried that spending so much time looking after Collin and making sure he gets the help he needs is taking away from her other children. The divorce affected everybody in different ways, and she needs to be able to focus on every child, not just one.

16 He Was Sent Away In 2016

Kate Gosselin sent her now 14-year-old son away two years ago. According to In Touch Weekly, she has only told the public that he has gone to a place that specializes in handling special needs kids and that Collin is thriving where he is. Kate also admits that Collin has been away from the limelight, which for them means any filming and pictures because she feels it may stimulate him in the wrong way, causing uncontrollable mood swings.

Where he is, Collin receives one-on-one treatment, and this has proved to be precisely what he needed. Being raised with seven other kids around cannot be the easiest and maybe being on his own where he gets special attention was the only way to help Collin.

15 He Isn’t In Any Photos

Not only was he not in the family photo, but on Christmas day the mother of eight posted pictures of each of her children opening up their presents and Collin was nowhere to be found. It seemed just a little harsh to some critics to send someone away and not bring them home to spend the holidays with their family. Kids that have issues need their families the most and the holidays are the perfect excuse to bring him back for some quality time.

14 He Hasn’t Seen His Dad In Two Years

According to In Touch Weekly, Jon was upset to find out that his son had been sent away without even so much as a goodbye before he went. Jon believes that Collin needs some one-on-one time with his parents and for his family to surround and support him.

13 He Celebrates His Birthday Alone

Time will tell, but it's important to remember that kids with special needs can benefit from time alone time, yet having love and support from family is equally beneficial. Collin needs to be spending time with his family as much as possible, or at least visitation as reported by In Touch Weekly.

12 It's Not Clear Why He Was Sent Away

Fans everywhere are confused as to why Kate Gosselin won’t reveal the clear reason as to why Collin has been sent away. On multiple occasions, she has told the world that he has special needs, but she won’t disclose what kind of special needs he is dealing with.

It seems as if she may be embarrassed by this which is why she won’t reveal exactly what her son is going through. Kids everywhere have special needs, to the point where most disabilities are normal, and the kids can still lead relatively normal lives. But for Collin, there might not even be a chance because he is being hidden away from the world, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

11 He Has A Hard Time Obeying Kate

Kate Gosselin has frequently revealed to the public that she has had a tough time controlling her son Collin. The question is, was she trying to be over-controlling or was he not listening? According to TellMeNow, Kate wrote a letter to her son detailing all the times he tested her from the time he was a little boy until now.

She told him how many days she struggled trying to get him to listen, but even though he knew she was the boss, he was still not listening. Although she was having these issues with Collin, she never bothered to clue her ex-husband and Collin’s father in. He had no idea his son was having these problems and that he was sent away.

10 Collin Never Liked The Cameras

The Gosselin children were forced from birth to be on camera all the time. If the rest of the family was being filmed, it meant Collin had no choice but to be on camera. There were many occasions in which the rest of the kids were getting close to the camera crew while Collin was always in the background keeping to himself.

According to Trend Chaser, Collin became so finicky about being on camera that he once refused to be photographed for his school's yearbook. The other kids were having fun, but Collin was not, which could be a huge reason for his behavior.

9 Will He Get More Time With His Dad?


When Collin was first sent away, his father, Jon Gosselin, didn’t even know what was going on or where his son was. It has been about two years now since Collin was sent away by his mother and fans everywhere are begging Jon to try to get custody of his outcast son, according to CafeMom.

Jon has custody of his 14-year old daughter Hannah, who seems to have been the only sibling to want to be with Collin, and it looks as though he may do well at home with his dad and sister. Jon and Hannah were allowed to spend time with Collin on his 14th birthday, but no moves have been made to bring him home just yet.

8 Anger Issues?

Lately, there has been a lot of drama between Kate and her ex-husband Jon. She recently lost custody of one of the daughters they share, and at the same time, she is dealing with a lot of hate and judgment based on her decision to send her son Collin away. According to Soap Dirt, Collin had a few anger issues that Kate was having a hard time dealing with, and because of this, she sent him somewhere that he could get the help he needed.

For a young teenager who is in a family of eight other kids, it's reasonable to emit some anger every now and again, but according to Kate, it was getting to be a little too much.

7 Social And Education Issues?

According to UPI, Collin Gosselin was sent away two years ago for reasons such as social and educational issues. Ever since the cameras started rolling in 2007, Collin has been the only one to shy away from them. He also doesn’t show great strides in school like his other siblings.

Kate felt that the only way to help him succeed was to send him to a place that could address those issues with one-on-one learning. This would give Collin the chance to thrive on his own rather than fall behind his brothers and sisters and feel bad about himself. Kate pleads with the public that she is doing what is best for him.

6 Jon And Hannah Have Been The Only Ones To Visit

Since Collin was sent away, the only two people in his family who have been by to see him are his dad and sister Hannah. According to CafeMom, Hannah has been living with her dad for some time now, and they want nothing more than to see Collin happy.

Kate has said on multiple occasions that she doesn’t share pictures of Collin with the rest of the family because he does not want to be in photos with them. But if this is the case, the public questions why he is okay to pose for pictures with his father and sister.

5 No Mommy After 9 P.M.

The problem with having a nanny is that if you do them wrong, they can lash out and leak things about your family you may not want to be leaked. A former nanny of Kate’s let the word slip that her mom switch flips when the clock strikes nine.

It didn’t matter if the nanny was still in the middle of cleaning or if the kids needed something, everything ended at nine according to E! News. Not only is this rule unusual but it’s pretty harsh to shut everything off, including the role of being a mother, at a specific time every night.

4 Pull Weeds For Punishment

According to CafeMom, Kate picks the majority of her punishments based off of the chores she needs to be done around the house for the girls and outside for the boys. It is usually stuff she knows they will hate to deter them from continuing to get into trouble.

3 Don’t Waste Food

This means if one of the kids leaves behind half a sandwich they are to take it for lunch each day until it is consumed. Food is expensive, and the mom of eight goes to severe lengths to be sure it does not get wasted.

2 No Dirtying Clothes While Playing

Kids will be kids, and this includes getting their clothes and themselves dirty from time to time. According to an older episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Kate became enraged when her children began having fun in the grass since they were ruining their clothes. There are a plethora of other scenes in which Kate acted the same even though the little ones were visibly having fun.

The kids weren’t allowed to have a little fun if it meant they were going to get dirty at all. There are neat freak moms out there, but sometimes it is okay to get a little messy; it could be fun.

1 Separate Clothes For Separate Houses

Divorces can become sticky, especially when there are a lot of children involved. Kate has on many occasions been seen giving her ex-husband a hard time when it comes to the custody of their kids. One of the crazy rules she makes the children follow is not being allowed to bring clothes back and forth between houses.

The kids have to wear their uniforms to their dad's house and only wear clothes he has for them at his residence. All eight children must change back into their uniforms before going home to mom according to Daily Mail.

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