Kate Upton: 20 Things About The New Mom

Kate Upton is an exceptionally well-known model who has appeared on magazine covers such as GQ and Sports Illustrated. It is super exciting when public figures fall pregnant because ordinary mothers can learn a lot from celebrity mothers who share insight into their pregnancies. When women see famous ladies going through similar situations–like pregnancy–it gives others out there the understanding that celebrities are just like us in more ways than one. This new mother has made it her personal mission to make her pregnancy the best it can possibly be–including eating healthy and working out as much as she can without harming the baby.

Ever since announcing it on social media, the new parents couldn’t be happier about their bundle of joy. Upton has made it very clear that she is enjoying motherhood so far and will do anything to keep her and baby happy and healthy. Kate is one of the most inspiring moms being that she is a big-time model and is now expecting. Some models may avoid becoming pregnant because they don’t want to "ruin their looks," but Upton has secrets to keeping in shape regardless of her pregnancy. Motherhood is worth it.

20 Genevieve Upton Verlander was born on November 7

Kate announced in a brief post on social media that the couple had welcomed their baby into the world. Her name is Genevieve Upton Verlander, a lovely classic name and a combination of her parents' last names. Kate Upton is very public when it comes to her life so there is no doubt in our mind that her baby will be in the limelight just as much as their mother is. It will be interesting to see how parenting life treats both mom and dad, but no matter what we're sure that Upton will do it in style.

19 Weird Cravings Galore

A well-known aspect of pregnancy is the weird cravings every mother has from time to time. Some will be normal such as pizza or cake, and others will be completely out there like pickles and Nutella, which are Upton's choices early on in her pregnancy. Out of all things for her husband to be excited about, the cravings are his favorite part. He has made it very clear to her that he is willing to go out and get any food she is craving at any time, according to People Magazine. Pregnancy is a rough road and having support every step of the way is key to making it bearable.

18 Heartburn Central

There is a long list of symptoms that go along with pregnancy. Kate Upton is a new mom which means she has no idea of what is to come in the nine months ahead of her. According to Houstonia Magazine, Upton is taking some time to learn from her sister who has been pregnant before and is pregnant now. Upton was told to be aware of heartburn because even though it seems like a small symptom, it can be pretty severe. Her sister revealed that Tums would be her best friend until the end of her pregnancy and maybe even after.

17 Donuts Make Her Happy

Who can resist a delicious donut? Not many people, including pregnant Kate Upton. The model has never been one to pass up a donut even during workouts. A few years back before becoming pregnant Upton was seen indulging in a donut while working out, as reported by InStyle. Since becoming pregnant—although she does want to stay fit and healthy—it is okay to have a treat every once in a while. As long as we’re actively working toward being healthy, small indulgences every now and again will not hurt–within reason. Upton made that clear during her donut workout–squats and sugar go well together.

16 Price Tags Don't Matter

Babies of celebrities are always very well dressed especially those of models–we can be sure that Upton’s baby will be styling. The mom to be has made a motion to supply her child in clothes designed by the most prominent names, including Gucci. Not only will she be providing her baby with the top brands but they will also have the gear to support their dad as well. She has shared multiple images of onesies all decorated in Astros logos in support of their all-star dad, according to Houstonia Magazine. She should probably think about starting with non-designer clothes with the amount that babies puke and poo.

15 Not Afraid To Show Off The Bump

Kate Upton has always been proud of her body–which is shown by the hundreds of photo shoots she has taken in her life as a model. Although she has not been uploading many pictures documenting her pregnancy, the paparazzi have done that for her. Slowly but surely her bump has started to grow, and the 26-year-old has been loving every second of it. She has been on the runway, out walking her dog as well as on the sidelines of baseball games sporting her baby bump, according to People Magazine. Many mothers hide their bumps because they feel as though they don’t look good, but Kate is embracing all of it.

14 Nesting Nancy

Before the arrival of any baby, a mother will begin to nest. They will start to prepare every aspect of their lives to be ready for their new child. It is still early on in Upton's pregnancy according to Houstonia Magazine, so nesting will not begin until later. Once the nesting stage begins, new moms will be seen tidying up their houses–each room one by one, almost like spring cleaning. They will make it a point to start baby-proofing the house as well–covering outlets, locking cabinets and toilet seats, etc. Getting ready for a little one is a whole lot of work, which is why mothers start working in full force a few months before giving birth.

13 Couldn’t Work Out For One Month

Kate Upton revealed to The Hollywood Life that it is tough to find any motivation while pregnant and for this reason, she didn’t work out for an entire month. Although she wanted to be super fit and healthy, growing a human takes a toll on mothers, and their energy can quickly drain. For Upton, her energy was depleted a lot during the first month or so of pregnancy, and she did a lot of resting instead of forcing herself to work out. She had trouble finding motivation, but now that she is out of that phase she is back to working out like normal.

12 Staying Fit

Most mothers don’t worry too much about being fit during pregnancy because it is such a tiring process–just getting through it day-to-day is exhausting. Kate Upton has been a very public figure for some time, and she has a name to live up to. For this reason, she has made it her mission to stay as fit as possible. Her baby bump is as cute as can be and she hopes that after she gives birth to her first child, the new mom will be able to bounce back to the body she had before baby as reported by The Hollywood Life.

11 Maternity Shoot To Boot

Some celebrities like to stay out of the limelight when they become pregnant. Nobody knows how their bodies are going to change with a pregnancy, which is why some stay hidden. Kate Upton has been the complete opposite for the majority of her pregnancy. Not only has she been seen out in public on multiple occasions since becoming pregnant, but she is also entirely comfortable showing off her bump in a plethora of photo shoots. So many women aim to hide their pregnant bellies, but celebrities like Kate Upton give women everywhere the courage to love what their bodies do during pregnancy, according to Houstonia Magazine.

10 This Is Her First Baby

OK Magazine

When Upton married hubby Justin a few years ago, the couple made it clear that they were not planning on having children any time soon. They were excited to eventually, but for now, they wanted to focus on their careers and relationship. A year into the marriage, Kate has fallen pregnant, and although it wasn’t what they were expecting, they couldn’t be happier. Upton has vowed to make sure her pregnancy is healthy, that way once the baby is born and all is well again, she can go right back to work modeling as she was before the growing of a little human started, according to The Hollywood Life.

9 Kate Is In Love With Her Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of two things: a dream come true or a nightmare. Kate Upton has made it her mission to have an easy pregnancy by trying to be as healthy as possible. She admitted to The Irish Examiner that she has been so in love with her pregnancy and what it is doing to her body. Upton talks a lot about how she has been feeling at every new stage of her pregnancy, and some are better than others, but she appreciates her body and everything about it so much more during this time in her life. She has stated that pregnancy is wonderful and she feels beautiful.

8 Sickly First Trimester

Female First

The first trimester can be rough on many mothers. Morning sickness is usually the first symptom that makes itself known to a pregnant mother. Kate Upton talked a lot about how she felt awful for a good portion of her pregnancy in the beginning. According to People Magazine, she worked many photoshoots being nauseous and thinking she was not going to make it through because of how sick she felt. The baby was giving her a run for her money at this time, but she just kept in her mind the joy she was about to have in her life with a new baby.

7 Out And About

Kate Upton loves to be in the limelight no matter how pregnant she is. Her belly continues to grow bigger and bigger, but that doesn’t stop her from going out and about. She was most recently spotted at one of her husband's baseball games in Houston. She took to the sidelines throughout the entire game cheering her man on, according to People Magazine. Her belly has grown, and her face has even changed quite a bit, but the proud mama still comes out to support hubby whenever she needs to. To sit through a nine-inning baseball game while being pregnant says a lot about how Kate Upton is feeling at this stage in the pregnancy.

6 Her Sister Is Also Pregnant

Finding out you’re pregnant at the same time as someone else in the family is so unique. Not only does it mean there is someone to share experiences with but the children will now be extremely close in age as well. According to Extra TV, Upton talks to her sister on the phone all the time to compare pregnancy stories but mostly to get help and advice. Being that this is Kate’s first pregnancy and her sister’s second, there is a lot the model can learn. New mothers usually need the help of veteran mothers to understand the process and become prepared for it.

5 Birthday Surprise

There are quite a few surprises when it comes to having a baby. Some of them can be revealed at random times, but parents must wait for certain things such as gender. For some, there is the possibility to take a test that reveals the gender early on, but for everyone else, they must wait until a particular time in the pregnancy where the gender can be seen. According to Extra TV, Kate Upton and hubby have decided to keep the gender a secret until the birth. This is a popular thing these days, it allows the delivery to be extra special and intimate by waiting until birth to know if your baby is a boy or girl.

4 Still Working Non-Stop

Before becoming pregnant, Upton was working all the time as a model, doing brand deals and acting here and there. No matter how pregnant she is, work never ceases. She has been working on a brand deal with Copper Fit for, and her pregnancy is not about to stop her work on it. The company provides clothing options for everyone no matter what they want to do. For those who need leggings to work out or just lounging at home, Copper Fit has it all, which is why Kate loves them so much, according to WWD. The leggings have so many features, and the mom-to-be loves showing them off.

3 She Wants To Be Healthy For Herself

Pregnancy can take a toll on the body and staying healthy is super important. Some moms feel sick throughout the entire pregnancy, and for this reason, Kate hasn't taken for granted the times that she hasn’t felt ill thus far. According to The Hollywood Life, Upton is all about feeling the best she can feel at all times especially while carrying her little one. It is essential to stay strong and take things one day at a time. There are going to be many days when all a pregnant mother wants to do is lay down, but it is essential to try and stay active as well.

2 Cardio Is Key, But Don’t Over Do It

Since becoming pregnant, the workout goals of new mom Kate Upton have changed significantly. Instead of focusing on intense cardio, it is more important to do a little bit of everything. Pregnant mothers cannot go too hard while working out because it could throw any mom into preterm labor or cause a strain on the baby. Cardio is important, but instead of overdoing it Upton is sure to add cardio in here and there throughout the day rather than doing a whole bunch of it at once in the gym, according to Well And Good. Upton has done a lot of research and knows what is right for her pregnant body.

1 Husband Is Over The Moon


Husbands in the prime of their career may not be too excited about a pregnancy, but Upton’s husband Justin could not be happier. He works hard in MLB right now, but he knows what an exciting time this will be for both him and his wife. The new dad posted on his Instagram account about how amazing his wife is and that he knows how much of a fantastic mother she will be to their child, as reported by Houstonia Magazine. The most important aspect of pregnancy is having a support system, and Justin is precisely that for wife Kate Upton.

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