Kate Upton Shares Rare Photo Of Daughter Cheering On Justin Verlander During Baseball Game

Justin Verlander had a special guest at his playoff game; his 11-month-old daughter.

Kate Upton is married to Astros pitcher Justin Verlander. Verlander played in his world series playoff game against the New York Yankees. He had a very special fan in the audience, his 11-month-old Genevieve. Upton shared a photo of her daughter's back while she stared at her daddy. The little girl wore a jean jacket in the picture with Verlander printed on the back and the number 35 which is her daughter's number. It also showed a picture of the Astros logo. “Go Daddy! We are ready for #Game4 !!! #goastros @justinverlander,” Upton, 27, captioned the sweet photo of her daughter getting ready to watch the game from the Yankee Stadium stands.

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The little girl ended up being really good luck! Her daddy was obviously motivated by his sweet baby in the stands because he helped lead his team to an 8-to-3 victory over the Yankees in Game 4. He truly loves his daughter and loves it when she comes to his games. He really hopes that she will continue growing up watching him play baseball. He said “It’s the most amazing experience in my life and to be a dad, I really can’t even put into words how much I love this little girl,” the pitcher told PEOPLE in March. “It goes so quickly, it’s been an amazing experience that I’m not taking for granted. I’m relishing every moment.”

He really hopes that she grows up watching him play because she wants to be able to play baseball until his mid-40's. That is his goal and his dream. “I think throughout my time in the game I’ve learned a lot about how I can regimen my body to be in the best shape possible. I connect with Tom Brady on that mentality of wanting to play until I’m 45,” Verlander said. “I think we play two very different sports so my workout regimen is different than his, but the same mentality, right? Take care of your body the best you can to perform at what you need to perform at. Then just go about that business and find the best way to be at the top of my game.”

Even though he loves baseball he has no desire to have her follow in his footsteps. If she would like to grow up playing sports than that is awesome. However, he doesn't care who she wants to become. He said that she can be whatever she wants. He wants her to be whatever woman she wants. He said that he loves sitting with Upton and think about who she will become someday.

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