Kate Upton's Trainer Shares Her Fitness Secrets During Pregnancy

Kate Upton is sharing how she’s keeping fit and strong during her pregnancy! Model and actress, Kate Upton, and hubby Justin Verlander, are expecting their first child together, and the star is dishing all about staying fit while pregnant.

The Sports Illustrated model consistently hits the gym with trainer, Ben Bruno, in order to stay fit and feel her best in preparation of her welcoming their baby in a few months. Although Kate is currently due any day now, the star is not letting that stop her from breaking a sweat! Upton’s trainer revealed how “a lot of the workouts Kate has been doing are based on the Strong4Me workouts”, he told E! “The main thing is that when you’re pregnant, some days you have more energy than others and you just have to listen to your body”, he finished off.

He also revealed that although Kate is in fact still hitting the gym hard, she is doing so on a more “toned back version” to refrain from pushing herself too hard too fast. So what exactly does Kate’s workout consist of? Well, a typical workout, according to E! News consists of reverse lunges, hip thrusts and riding a stationary bike! In addition to the cardio, Kate is also working with some weights, but dialing it back a bit due to the pregnancy.

Ben further explained how that when you are expecting, it isn’t time to “set personal records”, therefore keeping things to a minimum all while still getting your heart rate up is key. If you haven’t heard of the Strong4Me Fitness program, essentially it lasts 12 weeks and is designed for women any shape and size, that is meant to build strength and confidence. The program was created by Ben Bruno and Kate herself, in order to allow women to be “strong for their lives”.

Since Kate lives such a busy life, traveling, working and preparing for her first child, it doesn’t give the star all that much time to work out, therefore, she and Ben created this program to last around 30 minutes, in order to get in a workout even if you don’t have that much time. Regardless of how often, or long Kate is working out for, it is clearly paying off! The star looks absolutely radiant as she readies the birth of her first child.


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