New Mom Kate Upton Is Motivated And Ready To Lose Her Baby Weight

Losing baby weight can certainly be a challenging task, but newly minted mom Kate Upton is up for the challenge. According to People, the 26-year-old model is already geared up and ready to get moving. Last month, Upton gave birth to her first daughter, named Genevieve with her husband Justin Verlander. Since then, she has been very open about her challenges with being physically active.

On Instagram, Kate shared a lovely photo of herself with Genevieve strapped to her chest. In the caption, Upton was elated to get a little cardio workout in with her family. Staying honest and as authentic as possible, Kate shared that she wasn’t going to lie to her fans and that it’s been difficult to stay active and eat healthy during the holidays. As busy parents, it’s so easy to hone in on feeling down for oneself for not eating healthy or exercising. Instead, Upton has been focused on traveling and enjoying the little moments with her newborn baby and her family. We certainly love her optimism, and Kate shared that she’s planning to stay motivated for the upcoming year. “I have a long way to go to lose this baby weight but feeling determined for 2019!” Kate wrote on her Instagram post, and we’re sure that there are many other moms out there who can relate.

Last September, Kate Upton shared an exciting workout specifically tailored for pregnant women. For the past two years, Upton has worked with professional trainer Ben Bruno and kept tabs on her weightlifting journey over time. Before, the model had focused on working out towards being "super fit" but she has since changed her goals. "I’m strengthening my pelvic [area] and doing a lot of hip thrusts, body-weight hip thrusts and lunges and squats to help with delivery and make it easier, hopefully. Fingers crossed.” Upton shared. In a video originally posted by her trainer, Ben Bruno, the clip shows Kate Upton holding two kettlebells at her shoulders, and performing several low lunges.

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Recently, Upton and her trainer decided to create workout plans together. The exercise regime is called Strong4Me, and includes a 12-week series of thirty-minute workouts that can be accomplished at home. Kate is certainly an inspiration for many busy moms' out there, and we look forward to hearing more about her fitness progress in the coming year.

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