Kate Upton's Pregnancy Exercise Routine Aims To Ease Her Delivery

Model and mommy-to-be Kate Upton is making all pregnant women currently "kicking back and taking it easy," rethink their approach to those nine, long months of gestation. Justin Verlander's beautiful lady might have taken a month off of her rigorous workout regimen due to sheer pregnancy exhaustion and a hectic travel schedule, but she is clearly back at it and hitting the weights like the boss lady that she is. Upton recently dished on how she stays fit, fabulous and healthy while baking her baby Verlander.

While many pregnant ladies are bulking up their biceps by lifting bags of potato chips and tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice cream up to their mouths, Upton showed the world that pregnancy doesn't need to mean that workouts such as weight lifting and pumping iron are suddenly a no-go. Ms. Upton told People Magazine that regularly working out makes her feel much better, but that doesn't mean that her sweat sessions haven't taken on an entirely new spin now that a bun is baking in her ever-beautiful oven. Before pregnancy, Upton had been primarily focused on maintaining her super-fit physique, but now she aims at strengthening her pelvic area in hopes of creating a smooth and more comfortable delivery when the big day comes. Squats, hip thrusts, and lunges have taken center stage as Kate works towards health, fitness, and motherhood.

Upton first revealed her exciting baby news back in July with a bump pic captioned #pregnantinMiami. She isn't the only one over the moon about this baby though. Her partner, Justin Verlander quickly commented on her announcement photo telling her that she was going to make the most amazing mom! Awww. This guy can toss a ball at warp speed and throw a sweet compliment with the same ease and finesse! Between Kate's hardcore dedication to fitness and Verlander's athletic prowess on the baseball diamond, their future baby is destined for athletic greatness, and likely won't be hard on the old eyes either.

Congrats to Kate Upton and Justin Verlander! We can't wait to see your little family grow by two feet!


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