Kate Walsh Admits To Considering Adopting A Child With A Partner

Umbrella Academy star Kate Walsh is keeping her family and parenting plans open! But she doesn't want to do it alone and would rather co-parent her kids with a partner.

The 51-year-old American actress and businesswoman shared her exclusive plans with the US Weekly. While promoting Zoetis for Apoquel with MyDogsaGame.com, she discussed how she's always been eager to have kids but with a partner.

Kate explained said, "I don't want to parent alone. I want to do it with somebody else. … I would probably want to go back to Encino [California]. I have seriously considered it. I was looking toward adopting, and then I didn't. I was like, ‘ .'"

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The Grey's Anatomy alum was married to film and television producer Alex Young from 2007 to 2008. In 2011 she had explained that feels like a "loser" without children. She said that though there were kids everywhere, she merely felt like that a spinster who only went for walks with her dogs.

She also felt like crying out to people, saying, "Hello, families. Just me, barren Kate. No, I'm fine with my dogs and cats." There have been times when Kate says she felt out of place and needed "to get out of here. [It's] like being at the wrong party."

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As an animal lover, Kate was the perfect person to team up with Zoetis, a leading global animal health company. Walsh shares her first-hand experienced of seeing her dog suffer from the itching problems. But, she thanks Zoetis, and is excited to be partnering with them where she can help spread the word about "Itchy Pet Awareness Month" and skin allergies in dogs.

The dog-mom said, "When I first noticed Rosie's symptoms, I decided to take her to the veterinarian – and I'm so glad that I did! I was relieved to find a treatment that stopped her allergic itch at the source. APOQUEL has helped bring Rosie's A-Game back; she's now able to enjoy long walks and giving high-tens to new friends."

Millions of dogs suffer from skin problems and it is one of the main reasons for veterinary visits. Still, many owners fail to gaze the severity of the issue and do not seek medical help.

The Private Practice alum explained, "Zoetis is doing this thing called MyDogsaGame, which is really fun. It's … making people aware because allergies are different with dogs. They don't [get] a runny nose and eyes and sneezing. It's skin and ears. … So it's just like, when you see your dog itch or scratch or lick a hotspot, that's usually a sign there's a problem. Go to your veterinarian, see what they say."

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