Kayla Itsine's Pregnancy: 20 Must Knows

Women who want to get their fittest bodies ever rely on Australian personal trainer, Kayla Itsines, for fitness inspiration. Kayla is currently expecting a baby and bringing fans along with her on her pregnancy journey, which includes lighter-than-average workouts, as much rest as she can manage, and good nutrition.

Kayla always keeps her energy positive; she's all about achieving goals and making the most of life. She and her partner, Tobi Pearce, are definitely excited about becoming parents. Kayla's risen to the top by creating fitness e-books, known to many women as Bikini Body Guides. She also has a successful workout and meal-planning app called Sweat with Kayla. Her fitness app was the most profitable app of its kind in 2016.

Born in Adelaide, Australia in 1991, this inspiring fitness entrepreneur has been thinking about having kids for a while now.  Now, she's twenty-four weeks pregnant...and counting! Kayla has been posting tons of baby bump pics on her official social media accounts. She's also asking her followers for advice on how to find the best maternity sportswear.

Any woman who is interested in Kayla Itsines' exciting baby news should read all of the entries on today's list. This list is packed with up-to-the-minute facts about Kayla's pregnancy, relationship, and her career.

20 Kayla Announced Her Pregnancy In December of 2018

Roughly one week before Christmas 2018, Kayla let the world know that she's expecting her first baby. Kayla is really happy and her partner, Tobi, spends his free time talking to Kayla's tummy. Kayla and Tobi have so much to be joyful about lately. They are successful, wealthy, full of plans for the future, and on the brink of parenthood.

After they decided to try for a baby, Kayla and Tobi wondered if it would take a while to get pregnant, but it happened really fast. At the beginning of her pregnancy, Kayla relied on dry toast and other plain carbs to try and relieve morning sickness. Usually, she prefers a Mediterranean diet.

19 She's Currently Engaged To Tobi Pearce


In April of 2018, Kayla got engaged to her long-time love, Tobi. These two are so in tune. They both believe that fitness builds confidence. They work together to keep Kayla's fitness empire strong and growing.

Tobi put a ring on it when Kayla was 26. While the couple still hasn't married, they are planning to tie the knot. Right now, they're focusing on getting ready for their baby. They are really enjoying the whole pregnancy experience.

Tobi is always there for Kayla and she's very much in love with her fiancé.  It was Tobi who encouraged Kayla to turn her personal trainer routines for clients into e-books.

18 Kayla Is 27 Years Old


Kayla Itsines is pregnant at 27. She's having a baby at a fairly young age. This baby may be the first of many for her. Kayla comes from a big Greek family and she is so into her family. Her own family is ecstatic about the baby.

Her partner, Tobi, had a rougher upbringing and actually left home at a very young age, just to escape the family problems and find some happiness for himself. Tobi was homeless for a while.

Now, he's the CEO of SWEAT (the company that produced Kayla's app). Kayla and Tobi will make sure that their child has security and lots of love. They have a lot to give to a baby.

17 She Does a 28-Minute Pregnancy Workout Daily


Kalya Itsines is staying on the safe side with fitness by scaling down the intensity of her pregnancy workouts. She's now using weights that are half as heavy as what she normally uses. Even so, some fans who follow her on social media have gotten critical by wondering if her workouts are too extreme for an expecting mom.

Kayla argues that she knows other pregnant women who are carrying around heavy toddlers and bags of groceries, which weigh much more than her fitness accessories, such as dumbbells, do. Kayla believes in low-impact exercise during pregnancy. She works out for 28 minutes a day.

16 She Felt Lethargic During Trimester 1


Like most moms-to-be, Kayla felt tired during her first trimester and also had to deal with morning sickness. There aren't many moms who escape these two early pregnancy symptoms.

Fatigue and nausea are triggered by hormonal shifts. A hormone, estrogen, is linked with that unpleasant queasy feeling. Another hormone produced at this time, progesterone, makes pregnant women sleepy.

By trimester two, Kayla was feeling much better and actually missed her nausea because feeling nauseated made her feel pregnant. Although Kayla is extremely fit, she didn't escape the biggest early pregnancy symptoms. Her high fitness level may help her to handle labour and delivery well, though.

15 She Encourages Pregnant Women To Take It Easy


While Kayla thinks that light workouts are beneficial to pregnant women, she also encourages moms-to-be to rest. She doesn't think that expectant moms should push themselves too hard.

Kayla's own fatigue was a big clue that she was pregnant. She didn't have her usual energy on a walk and began to wonder if she was pregnant. She then took a pregnancy test, but it showed a negative result. Shortly afterwards, she took a second pregnancy test which showed a positive result.

Since Kayla's fitness level is so high, she is very tuned in to her own body. Any changes to how she feels are noticeable right away.

14 She's Avoiding High-intensity Exercise


Jumping is off the fitness menu during Kayla's pregnancy. Kayla's become a fitness icon by showing women how to transform their bodies quickly, through workouts that give women enough confidence to strut their stuff on the beach.

Kayla has since switched to lighter weights and she's also stopping doing jumping movements. She's being very careful to do workouts that are pregnancy-safe.

Kayla's life is centred around fitness. After she gets up each day and has a light snack, she heads for the gym. It's her workplace. By changing up her workouts during pregnancy, she's ensuring that she stays fit, without doing anything that might hurt the unborn baby.

13 Her Baby Is Due In May Of 2019

Kayla was born on the 21st of May and her baby is due in May. Will Kayla have the same birthday as her child? It's possible. Sometimes, babies don't come exactly when they are expected, so it's hard to say if Kayla's baby will come early, or on time, or late.

To let the world know about her pregnancy, she posted a video on Instagram. Kayla is always connecting with her fans through social media, as well as her app. She has a huge following worldwide and her fans are definitely excited about her pregnancy. Kayla has revealed that she's interested in choosing a Greek name for her baby.

12 She's Nicknamed Her Unborn Baby


While Kayla Itsines hasn't picked a baby name yet or hasn't revealed a baby name if she has picked one out, she's got a cute nickname for her unborn baby. It's "muffin". Her partner, Tobi, refers to the unborn baby as "muffin" all of the time and so does Kayla.

Kayla says that Tobi has been amazing while she's been pregnant. He's stepped up by going to all of Kayla's medical appointments with her, including a very exciting ultrasound. He's definitely doing all that he can to support Kayla emotionally while she is expecting. Guys like this deserve so much respect.

11 She Did A Gender Reveal In January

Some parents-to-be want to be surprised when it comes to whether they are expecting sons or daughters. Other can't stand not knowing and opt for fun gender reveals.

Kayla and Tobi did want to find out the gender of their baby and they did a big gender reveal in January. Pink confetti made it clear that Kayla is expecting a baby girl.

Tobi popped the big balloon that was filled with pink confetti. Then, he, Kayla and friends and family celebrated. Kayla says that Tobi always knew she was carrying a daughter. Kayla herself wasn't quite sure. Tobi was right!

10 She Started Wanting Kids Because Of Her Fiancé


Kayla's relationship with Tobi turned her mind to parenthood. She found someone that she could trust and rely on and whom she knew would be a great dad. Kayla and Tobi have so much in common, including the desire to have children. It's always a good sign when couples are on the same page about life goals.

Kayla met Tobi at the right time and they've built a hugely successful business together. Now, they are embarking on the next challenge, which is becoming parents together. They both want the same things out of life and both can't wait to meet their daughter.

9 Her Daughter Will Grow Up In A Rich Family


Kayla Itsines and her fiancé made the "Young Rich" list for Australia in 2016 because the couple's net worth was very impressive. This annual list features Aussies who are under 40 and didn't inherit their cash.

In 2017, Kayla was back on the list and she's one of only a couple of people on the list with a Greek background. By 2018, the couple's personal fortune skyrocketed to a whopping $486 million bucks.

Kayla's daughter is going to grow up in a very wealthy family.  Kayla and Tobi will need to ensure that their daughter appreciates what she has.

8 Kayla's Paying Close Attention To Pregnancy Nutrition


Kayla needed very plain carbs at the start of her pregnancy because they helped to soothe her morning sickness. As she started to feel better, she reverted to her preferred diet, which is inspired by her Greek roots.

Kayla likes to eat the Mediterranean way and this type of diet is a healthy one, which features lots of colourful veggies, good fats and lean proteins.

Kayla is a personal trainer, so she definitely understands the importance of good nutrition. She recommends keeping nuts, raw vegetables, yogurt and fruit close by, so it's easy to pull together healthy meals and snacks. She also believes in meal planning.

7 Kayla's More Comfortable In Trimester 2


For Kayla, trimester two is enjoyable so far. Her morning sickness receded, so she doesn't have to deal with a sick stomach anymore.

She's feeling very positive about pregnancy right now. In fact, she is glowing. She posts photo updates from the gym, so it's easy to see just how well she is doing.

Most women do find that the second trimester is the easiest trimester. The second trimester is a great time to truly enjoy pregnancy. It's a time to shop for maternity clothes, dream about the future and focus on living a healthy lifestyle. Kayla says that Tobi has been buying clothes for the baby. She's probably doing a bit of that type of nesting, too.

6 The Baby Started Kicking In January


Kayla's baby girl may be doing some fitness moves in the womb. I'm kidding, but it won't be long before Kayla's daughter is following in her famous mother's footsteps.

Kayla says that her unborn baby began to kick in January. All of these pregnancy milestones are so fun and meaningful. Kayla is excited about the changes and won't need to wait too much longer to meet her daughter.

I can only imagine how quickly Kayla is going to regain her pre-pregnancy look after she gives birth. Kayla makes her money by showing women how to transform their figures. She shows them what is possible with her own figure, so bouncing back will be a priority.

5 The Mom-To-Be Hasn't Stopped Working


Tobi is the CEO of Kayla's fitness company. They work together to keep their empire profitable. During pregnancy, Kayla is still sharing online, posting videos of her workouts and generally inspiring her legion of loyal followers. She hasn't really slowed down much at all.

Kayla thinks that being pregnant will help her to connect with a lot of women who perhaps couldn't really relate to her before. She's going to leverage her pregnancy by using it to build a deeper connection with fans and followers.

When Kayla is heavily pregnant, she may slow down a bit. For now, a short daily nap is all that she needs.

4 Tobi Is Really Excited About Becoming A Father


Tobi is beyond thrilled that Kayla is pregnant. He's a guy who has no trouble letting the world know how happy he is and how much his fiancée means to him.

The fact that Tobi has had hardships in the past probably makes him so grateful for what he has now. He's finding it hard to wait to meet the baby, but he's got about four months left to wait.

In the meantime, he'll give Kayla emotional support, prepare for the baby's arrival (he's been buying baby clothes) and keep running the app and e-book business. Tobi will be a great dad.

3 Kayla And Tobi Have Been Together For Six Years


Kayla and Tobi's relationship has stood the test of time. These two are beyond compatible.

Tobi suggested that Kayla turn her workouts into e-books. He set the stage for her to become a worldwide sensation who is super-rich. Together, this couple has moved mountains. The success that Kayla and Tobi have achieved at their young ages is really spectacular.

They've been together for six years and they're ready for the next step in their relationship, which is becoming parents. Kayla will need to master work-life balance to juggle everything. She is rich enough to get help from nannies, but she may not want it.

2 They Are Getting Married In 2020


Marriage is the horizon for Kayla and Tobi, but marriage isn't likely to happen before 2020. The couple will have plenty to keep them occupied before then. They have the fitness business, which is really a huge company, along with public events, special promotions and a baby on the way.

Once they get into the groove of being parents, they'll probably start to plan their wedding. Tobi is looking forward to marrying Kayla Itsines. No wonder - she is quite a catch. She's a woman who is a fitness legend in her own time. She's also charismatic enough to draw in tons of followers and fans.

1 She And Tobi Run A Fitness Empire


What's ahead for Kayla's fitness empire?

Well, the app is a massive success and Kayla and Tobi will keep working on the app to make sure that it keeps delivering for people who use it. Kayla will also need to adjust to being a mom, instead of just a fitness guru. Tobi is also going to need to worry about work-life balance.

Good luck to Kayla as she moves through pregnancy and looks forward to meeting her baby. Women who are expecting can follow her official social media accounts and move through pregnancy alongside Kayla. She offers plenty of fitness tips and nutrition tips that are valuable.

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