Keira Knightley And James Righton Welcome Baby Number Two!

We are so excited to announce that Keria Knightley delivered her second child! The couple was seen pushing a stroller.

Congratulations to Keira Knightley and her husband James Righton for welcoming their second child into this world! We are so excited for you guys and thrilled about the new family of 4. The couple is very private about their life and their children so we don't know any details about the child but we are very excited for them even if they don't share many pictures of their children. The couple was seen on Friday the 13 pushing a little stroller and Knightley's belly was gone, so it is safe to say that she gave birth! The couple also shares a son named Edie who was born back in 2015.

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Keira Knightley announced her pregnancy back in May. She revealed her pregnancy by rocking her baby bump while at the  Chanel cocktail party in Paris. She then was seen again later that evening at the Chanel 2020 Cruise Show where she was wearing a black tulle dress that really accented her beautiful baby bump. We were very excited to hear about the pregnancy.

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Knightley has been very honest about pregnancy and even motherhood. She has shared what it really takes to be pregnant, to recover from delivery and to be a mother. She is amazing and doesn't sugarcoat the struggles that she deals with since she became pregnant with her first child. Knightley was under some scrutiny when she commented on Kate Middleton gave birth to her child. After Middleton delivered her child she was shown with makeup on and all put together after leaving the hospital. Knightley said that she gave women unreasonable expectations. People thought that Knightley was mom-shaming Middleton but that wasn't the case. She just wanted mothers to understand that it is okay if they don't come out of delivery looking amazing. You don't have to look great! You just pushed out a human from your body and it is okay and expected to look like a mess.

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