10 Adorable Keith Urban Dad Moments

Keith Urban isn’t like most celebrity dads in the entertainment world. In fact, he’s quite the opposite of what you see on magazine covers, red carpet premieres, and of course, social media. One of the reasons is because both Keith and his wife Nicole Kidman know how to balance their private lives with their public personas. They make sure that their kids stay out of the spotlight as much as possible, but also give the fans what they want to see when it comes to getting a glimpse of their family life.

With that said, a lot of people can’t help but notice just how adorable Keith is whenever he’s with his girls, Sunday and Faith. Here are a few examples below.

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10 The Airport Runs

If there is anytime that you see the Urban family together, it’s an airport. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that you will see Nicole and Keith flying from either Nashville or Los Angeles to go back home to Australia than on a Hollywood red carpet. And when they are together, you can just see how protective Keith is of his family. There’s nothing more loving in this world than a father who takes his daughter and leads her by the hand, right? You can just see the love radiate when it comes to this celebrity family.

9 Keith’s Concerts

Nicole and the girls don’t always go on tour with Keith Urban but when they do, there’s a very good chance that he will bring them up on the stage to sing a song with him. While this doesn’t happen very often, it’s a special treat not only for the fans, but for Sunday and Faith, too.

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They get to share a stage with one of the biggest stars of the country music world who just happens to be there father, too! And when Nicole Kidman takes the stage, you know it’s a party! The family that sings together, sticks together.

8 He Loves Talking About His Family

When Keith Urban opens up to the media he mostly talks about his career and his songs but oftentimes he also can’t help but gush about his family life, too. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Keith is that he absolutely loves being a father. With two beautiful daughters that he gets to call his own, we don’t blame him at all. “I just love being a parent,” Urban said in an interview for the ABC News special, “Country Music’s Biggest Stars: In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts.” "I didn't know that I'd ever get to be one."

7 Their Private Moments

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are the kind of celebrity parents who rarely post photos of their kids online. And when they do, they are very careful about what they reveal and how they reveal it.

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And because these photos are so far and few in between, their fans can’t help but love the rare post that pops on from time to time. Seeing Keith with his girls surely does bring a smile on his fan’s faces. You can tell that his family life means the world to him, as it should. It’s safe to say that Keith and Nicole are doing a great job behind the scenes.

6 Always Daddy’s Little Girl

Keith Urban never dreamed that he would have two daughters, let alone a family. That’s why he doesn’t take anything for granted these days. Even when the going gets rough on the road, he knows that he can always go home to a house full of love.

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That daddy and daughter bond that everyone talks about is a special one, right? “It's an incredible feeling,” the four-time Grammy winner told ABC. “And having girls -- I love having girls. You know, I come from a family with no sisters, one brother. So, it's been quite the learning curve in a really good way.”

5 They Are A Normal Family

While there are plenty of celebrity families who like to share everything about their world on social media, the Urbans are not like that at all. As a matter of fact, they like to keep certain things private and to themselves.

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In other words, they don’t let their celebrity status or some of the things that the media says get the best of them. “We have a real life in the sense that we do the most normal things as a family, and we don't live on social media all the time. We don't read tabloids… we don't give it any attention,” Urban said, according to ABC.

4 Nicole And Keith Keep Their Kids Grounded

While there’s no doubt that Nicole and Keith could certainly afford to give their daughters Sunday and Faith the best things that life can offer, they like to keep things simple. As a matter of fact, Nicole herself even admitted that she recently made an “unpopular parenting” decision by not allowing their girls to have phones or their own social media accounts. Knowing how dangerous it can be, Nicole and Keith want to wait until the timing is right for them. Nicole Kidman told Vanity Fair, “They don’t have a phone and I don’t allow them to have an Instagram. I try to keep some sort of boundaries.”

3 They Don’t Want To Push Their Careers Onto Their Kids

With that said, Keith and Nicole have also made it pretty clear that they don’t want to push their careers onto their kids. In other words, they want them to find their own path and pursue their own passions, regardless of what they may be.

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At the end of the day, all that matters is that the girls are happy. Nicole also told Vanity Fair, “You can’t really get kids into anything, I’ve realized. You can push them a bit, but motivation is a really hard thing. I mean, nobody motivated me to be an actor; if anything they tried to deter me.”

2 They Do Love To Hang Out With Dad

However, Keith Urban did say that Sunday and Faith absolutely love hanging out with their father, especially when he is on the road. That’s because they get to hang out in his uber cool tour bus! That’s why he doesn’t mind taking the girls around with him, especially when they are off from school.

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Talk about a great way to ride, right? According to Country Rebel, Keith said, “They love the bus of course. It’s just like, bunks, they love the bunks, they run around. And of course, when you’re that little the bus must seem huge. So, they love being out there.”

1 Nicole And Keith’s Honest Parenting

While Nicole and Keith don’t spoil their daughters, they do tell them just how lucky they are to have the lives they lead. Nicole and Keith are often very honest with how the world works to their daughters. This kind of honest approach to parenting has helped open a line of communication with them. Nicole told Vanity Fair, “I was talking to Sunday about there being little girls in different parts of this world who don’t own their bodies. A man owns their body. Her eyes were like ‘What?’ We’re trying to educate about those things. But it’s giving the information gently, and then guiding.”

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