Singer Keke Wyatt Announces She's Pregnant With Her Tenth Child

Keke Wyatt is excited about her 10th pregnancy and first with Zachariah Darring, her third husband. The announcement came with an elegant maternity photo session shot by her brother Keever West where she was pictured in various graceful poses. Wyatt is embracing motherhood yet again, and she was very happy to share this news.

She wrote, “My husband Zackariah Darring and I are so happy to announce that we are expecting our new bundle of joy! We are excited to welcome the 10th addition to our beautiful family. Stay tuned for the release date & information for my new YouTube Series ‘The Keke Show’ where you will see me balancing Wife, Mommy and Artist!!! Trust me… it’s never a dull moment with my family. Love ya sugars". Her other Instagram picture is captioned as “My hubby is so happy. His first baby!"

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Wyatt, now a 37-years-old, is a successful singer who once worked as a songwriter and was also involved in a girl band to make ends meet as a teenager. She started her career at 18 when she was newly married and was pregnant with their first child. She was advised to terminate the pregnancy for the sake of her career, but she opted to have the baby. She said at the time, "I know it sounds funny, but I really think that it's a gift of mine." Adding, "That's one of my many gifts [and] talents. It can be difficult, but when you love something and are passionate about it, it's not really that hard."

The Indiana native has both her biological children and children from her ex-husband's previous marriages. Wyatt's ex- Rahmat Morton was her first husband and Michael Ford was her second. They gave her three and four biological children, respectively, as well as one child from a previous marriage.

The entire journey was not really smooth, but she has taken the shocks and blessings as they come and has stood strong. She endured watching her kid fight cancer while undergoing the trauma of divorce and being pregnant - all at the same time. But for her, babies are never an obstacle to having a flourishing career. In her opinion, if we have love and passion for what we do, we can do anything. She never took a break from singing even during pregnancy and also claims that her children are fuel who help her push higher and higher each time.

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The R&B Divas: Atlanta alum is currently involved with a number of nonprofits; she is also a spokesperson for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

Balancing personal life and career and being successful at both in spite of the obstacles is part of her charm. Let us wish the mommy-to-be a happy, healthy, and safe pregnancy.

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