Kelly Ripa Is Just Like The Rest Of Us When It Comes To Parenting

Kelly Ripa is just like us and we share some of our favorite parenting moments!

We sometimes find ourselves thinking that celebrities have an easier time when it comes to parenting. We think that they have tons of maids, nannies, and money that makes their parenting journey so much easier and less stressful than "the rest of us." It is fun to learn that celebrities are just like us and that they deal with the same parenting struggles as the rest of us. Kelly Ripa is one of those celebrity parents that we can learn from and we can relate to on a parenting level. Apparently, Ripa is not a pushover mother and she is actually a tough parent who sometimes gives some tough love.

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We have found some of our favorite Kelly Ripa parenting moments and we would love to share. We found these to be the most relatable and to help people remember that she is a normal chick trying to raise some good people. One of our favorite Ripa moments is when she does her own thing and happens to embarrass her children while she lives her life. Ripa sometimes shares pictures on Instagram that shows off some skin and maybe a few immodest photos. Ripa rocks it, but it apparently really embarrasses her children that she "reveals" so much on her social media. Ripa doesn't care. She is way too cool to care.

Kelly Ripa has some strict phone rules that most parents can totally understand. Her kids all have cellphones, but she tells her children that their freedoms with their cellphones can easily be taken away if they break any of the rules. Her kids are not allowed to have a phone at the dinner table. They have to focus on family time. Then they cannot have their phones while they are completing their homework. Every night the kids then have to hand their mother their cellphones. She refuses to have her kids lose sleep because they have their phones out.

Ripa loves her children and she wants to have a good relationship with them. She has three children and she hopes that they can all have a strong bond. However, she is very frank about how she is not their "friend" she is their "mom." She will raise them as if she is a mom and she will not raise them as if she is their buddy! You go, girl! Too many parents these days don't want to put their foot down because they are afraid that their kids might not like them. You shouldn't be doing things to become best friends with your children. You need to be their mom first.

This one might cause some controversy among a few parents but Kelly doesn't care! She shares that she is very open with her kids about how she snoops. She is the mother and it is her home. She has the right to snoop through their rooms, their belongings, their texts, and their social media. Her job is to keep them safe and part of that is making sure that they aren't keeping anything from her.

It is nice to know that Kelly Ripa is a real person and has the same challenges and struggles as the rest of us. We are all just parents trying to do our best and to not raise jerks!

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