Kendall Jenner's Sweetest Auntie Moments

Kendall Jenner may not be ready to be called "mommy" just yet, but the model has plenty of nieces and nephews to dote on in the meantime. The 23-year-old's nine siblings have plenty of children among them, which means Kenny is busy playing aunt to more than a dozen little ones.

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Jenner posts plenty of photos showcasing her love for the youngsters in her family as she spends quality time with her nieces and nephews. From celebrating birthdays to rocking matching Christmas pajamas, Kendall is one cool aunt. We've rounded up some of her sweetest aunt moments that just may give you "auntie" fever.

10 Birthday Love

Jenner shared this super sweet moment between her and niece Stormi in celebration of the little one's first birthday in February. She mentioned the tot's "powerful energy" as she wished her a happy birthday filled with nothing but "beautiful things."

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As aunt Kendall smoothers Stormi in kisses and embraces her in a hug, the girl is all smiles. It's obvious the two share a special bond, even with Jenner spending so much time traveling for work. Jenner places importance on spending time with her family, something fans have witnessed in the Kardashians' reality show(s). She makes sure to make time to see her siblings and their kids when home, and it's clear little Stormi loves when auntie Kendall visits!

9 Kid At Heart

How cute is this?! Jenner is not afraid to let her inner child come out to play as she bonds with her nieces and nephews. In this throwback photo, the model is seen letting loose with Mason, Kourtney Kardashian's oldest son, when he was a bit younger.

Sure, Mason looks like he's having a blast, but Jenner looks like she's having the most fun! Frankly, we don't blame her - taking your little nephew out to a giant slide is a great excuse to act like a kid again!

8 Reminiscing

Jenner posted this touching throwback photo of baby Mason on his 5th birthday in 2014. Mason was the first Kardashian baby to be born, meaning he and Jenner were able to bond a lot before Kourtney and Kim started expanding their families to include more children.

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Now, Mason is the eldest of 10 Kardashian kids (more if you count the Jenner kids), but it appears he and his aunt Kendall still have a special connection. We love this adorable moment shared by Jenner and Mason as the model lovingly smiles at the then baby boy. So sweet!

7 Multi-Tasking

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me as a mom.

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If you had any doubts about the model one day making a fierce mom, let this photo prove Kendall can handle it! Jenner captioned this post "me as a mom" as she poses with nephew Reign on her hip back in 2015.

Obviously, Kenny can handle answering emails, looking gorgeous, and taking care of a toddler on her own! With almost 2.5 million likes on this post, it seems Jenner's fans also support her "mom" duties!

6 Living Her Best Life

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A more recent snapshot of the hectic life led by the Kardashian-Jenner crew, this photo shows the family during Easter 2019. As you can see, Kendall's siblings have their hands' full posing with their little ones. Meanwhile, the model strikes her pose as she steals the show.

Fans couldn't help but notice how carefree Kendall looks amongst the chaos, and fans got a good laugh out of it as the post reached almost 9.5 million likes. We all know Jenner loves to dote on her nieces and nephews, but it appears the 23-year-0ld is still enjoying the child-free life.

5 Lunch Date

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big girl chair

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Sweet little P looks so grown up here! Auntie Kendall took a then 2-year-old Penelope out to lunch as she boasted about the toddler having a "big girl chair." Jenner's followers took the time to tell her what a great aunt she is for taking Penelope out and about.

Some fans even speculated Kendall and Penelope were dining out at the Beverly Hills Hotel - talk about a lucky little girl!

4 So Much Love

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#northwest #auntkendall

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Aw, baby North West! North, who is Kim and Kanye's eldest child, was only 4 years old in this photo. Sure, Northie is turning six soon, but she seems so much older! It's almost unbelievable to see how much she has grown, especially if compared to when this photo was taken.

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Obviously, auntie Kendall knows all about how grown Miss North is these days compared to her little 4-year-old self back in February 2018. North, who once was posing in ballerina outfits, is now flaunting mom Kim's high heels to birthday parties! Talk about 5 going on 15! And, we're here for it all the way.

3 Swooning Over Penelope

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poosh, my lovvveeeeee 💜

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Once again, Penelope steals the show! Of course, like most aunts, Jenner is obsessed with her nieces and nephews. This means sharing lots of sweet photos and family moments with fans. Lucky us!

Penelope, who will be 7 years old in July this year, was only 3 and a half when this photo was taken. Even at this young age, P already mastered the art of posing and rocking sunglasses. Maybe this little girl will be following in her aunt's model footsteps?

2 Baby Shower Snuggles

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sister Sunday

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Most fans are well aware Kendall has one hectic schedule! One day she's walking a runway in Paris and the next she's posing for Calvin Klein in Los Angeles. But no matter what, the 23-year-old sets aside time for her family!

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Case in point, Kim's Troop Beverly Hills baby shower back in 2015. The family was preparing to welcome baby Saint into the mix, and Jenner was sure to be present. We applaud Kendall for balancing work and family life while bonding with so many nieces and nephews!

1 Twinsies

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Xmas morning watching The Grinch. YOU GUYS.

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Sure, Jenner may have used this opportunity to show off her amazingly toned stomach, but who can blame her? Plus, it's pretty freaking adorable she wore matching holiday pajamas with one of her nieces or nephews.

Based on the fact Kendall posted this in 2014, we're guessing this is a toddler Penelope cuddled up with the model. So. Dang. Cute.

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