Kentucky Cop Holds Fussy Baby So Mom Can Eat At Restaurant

A Kentucky State Trooper held a baby in a Mexican food restaurant so that the mother could eat her food.

Being a mother is really difficult. It is really exhausting and you feel like you are being pulled from every direction. Of course, being a mom is amazing and wonderful, but not without its challenges. One of the things that mothers get used to is not being able to sleep as much and children sometimes specifically throw fits right when you are about to eat! Babies don't care that you are hungry and want to eat. They will act fussy even if you have food right before you and you are ready to take your first bite.

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Aaron Hampton, 27, a Kentucky State Trooper was eating dinner with a few of his fellow officers at a Mexican food restaurant. The trooper noticed a mother with her children. Tabatha Corbitt had walked in with her family and Hampton said he didn't think anything of it. He went back to enjoying his meal. He then noticed that her son was taking a lot of her time. Her 3-month-old became very fussy and she had to stand up to rock her baby and she was trying to eat while holding him. Hampton is the father of a 15-month-old and he knows how hard it is to be able to eat and calm a fussy baby.

Submitted to the Inbox. Original Credit: K. Cox ~LEOW #WeSeeYou KSP Trooper Aaron Hampton!

Posted by Kentucky Going Blue on Monday, September 30, 2019

The trooper walked over and offered to hold the baby. Hampton said that it felt like God had put it in her heart to go over to the mother and provide his assistance. He said that he has spent his whole life trying to put other people before himself. He said he has been taught, "service before self." The mother said he was so nice and she was amazed by his kindness. “It was absolutely heartwarming,” Corbitt, 29, told The Post. “He got up from the table filled with other troopers to devote his attention to my baby so I could eat!”

Corbitt's mother, Karen Cox, was with her daughter at the time that this trooper took the baby. Cox snapped a picture of Hampton and shared it on social media. She said that he was quite the gentlemen. Cox then went on to say that her grandson usually doesn't like strangers but when Hampton grabbed him he went right on smiling which was really cute. The post has since been uploaded on the Kentucky State Police Facebook page and it has received a lot of attention. The officer's wife even chimed into the comment section and said that he really is the best person she knows and the best father to their one-year-old.

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