RHOA's Kenya Moore Reveals Co-Sleeping Led To Intimacy Issues With Her Husband

Kenya Moore says she loves co-sleeping with her 1-year old daughter. The only problem? It took a huge toll on her relationship with her estranged husband.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been open about her relationship issues since she and her husband Marc Daly went public with their split. During Sunday’s episode, the starlet gave more insight into her marital woes during a scene with her friend and co-star, Porsha Williams. Moore admitted that co-sleeping with her daughter caused intimacy issues between the two of them.

“The baby has changed so much in our lives. She’s in the bed all the time. He does not want me to put her in a crib,” Moore explained. She admits it’s taken an impact on their between-the-sheets business. “It’s been difficult. We [sleep together] when we can, but it definitely is not as often as I would like,” the new mom said. When her friend asked how long it’s been since they’d been intimate, Moore added, “Girl, I’m not going to even say that number.”

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Later in the scene, Moore hinted that she was considering throwing in the towel on the relationship. “It’s hard being in relationships, especially when you have a little one involved. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes you feel like you want to give up,” she explained, adding, “I just don’t like where we are right now.”

However, in an earlier episode, Moore admitted their intimacy issues started before their daughter, now 1, was even born. “Maybe when I was about 6 months, 7 months, he just started getting really freaked out about my belly growing,” Moore said in a scene with  fellow co-star Kandi Buruss “He thought it was kind of awkward.”

Distance might have contributed to the estranged couple’s problems, too, as they currently live in two different cities; Moore lives in Atlanta to film her show, while Daly stays in New York where he owns several restaurants. Another RHOA episode showed the parents fly to Turks and Caicos to celebrate their second anniversary, only for Daly to refuse to let the nanny come, which upset Moore since it would mean no one-on-one time. In the end, Daly refused to go on the trip, while his wife and daughter went alone. Yikes!

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