KFC Plans to Pay Parents $11,000 If They Name Their Baby After Colonel Sanders

Naming your baby Harland after Colonel Sanders and Kentucky Fried Chicken might give you $11,000. What an easy way to make eleven grand, right?

On September 9th, 1890 Harland Sanders was born. As we all know, Harland was the founder of the multi-million dollar fried chicken business, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Harland is now more famously known as Colonel Sanders.  Harland Sanders dropped out of school at only 16 years old and he was married at only 18 years old. He served in the military and then at age 20 his wife left him and took their little baby with her. He became a cook in a small cafe and was dealing with a lot of depression. He eventually convinced his wife to return home to him with their new baby. Sanders was 65 years old when he retired and he was unbelievably depressed. He began to plan out his suicide. He felt like a failure. He was about to start writing his will, but instead, he wrote down about how amazing a cook he was. He borrowed $87 and cooked up some chicken with his own recipe. He went door-to-door to sell his chicken, and by 88 years old, Colonel Sanders was a billionaire.

Colonel Sanders is a legend and an inspiration to many. He chose to never given up on his dreams and showed everyone that it's never too late to be successful. Colonel Sanders founded KFC when most people would have given up. And now, KFC has decided to donate $11,000 in college tuition to a baby if they are born on September 9th and the baby is named Harland.

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Only one child will receive the $11,000 from KFC. Therefore, if a child was born earlier that day named Harland then the second child born with the same name would not receive the donation. KFC told The Atlantic, "at least they will be named after somebody successful. Ever the entrepreneur, Colonel Sanders bounced back from a series of failed jobs and business ventures to found Kentucky Fried Chicken in his 60's. We couldn’t think of a better way to honor him than to help support Baby Harland’s future successes with a college donation."

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We would all like to have $11,000 for our kid's tuition. That would be great! However, is $11,000 really worth having your son named Harland? You also have to think about the chance that you might name your son (or daughter I guess) Harland and then somebody else already claimed the "prize." Now, you have a child with the name Harland and no money. Something to think about. We all know that this is just a publicity and marketing stunt, but it's an intriguing one that's for sure. We are all wondering if somebody will actually name their child Harland when September 9th comes around.

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