KFC Announces The Winner Of Their Colonel Sanders Scholarship

Due to the amazing timing of a little 7-week old baby, she received the KFC $11,000 scholarship.

A few months ago KFC shocked the internet by saying that they were going to donate $11,000 to a special family who had a baby born on September 9th AND named their child Harland. Harland, more famously known as Colonel Sanders, was famous for building the awesome chicken business, KFC, from the ground up. KFC decided to honor Colonel Sanders' legacy and donate money towards a child's college fund.

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Harland Rose was born on September 9th, 2018. She weighed 8 lbs and 1 oz. KFC donated $11,000 towards her college tuition; $1,000 for each of the 11 herbs and spices used in his famous chicken recipe.

KFC was inspired to donate the money to a family if they named their child Harland when they realized how unpopular the named Harland had become. Harland had become very uncommon and KFC didn't want the name to go extinct. KFC decided that they were going to try to get more babies named after Harland and so they started their now-infamous contest. The contest stated that whoever had a baby born on September 9th and named their baby Harland first would earn the scholarship money.

We all are wondering how many people actually ended up naming their child Harland, but then didn't actually win the money. That was part of the plan. KFC was hoping that a lot of people would name their baby Harland in hopes that they would earn $11,000. The company was basically trying to pay $11,000 for the name to become popular. We're not really sure if the name Harland will ever become popular, but little baby Harland Rose is certainly cute! Congratulations to the new parents who have a daughter who knows how to stick to a schedule.

We can only hope that other parents follow suit because we think that Harland is an adorable name for either a little girl or a little boy. KFC lovers, take note!

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